What It Means To Be Green

Transparency is Key

Investors, policymakers and consumers are all grappling with the same issues when it comes to ESG, sustainability and what it means to be “green.”

Nowhere is this more evident than in the apparel industry, as recent events are proving it to be a test case for the burgeoning ESG industry as human rights violations in the Xinjiang region related to cotton farming fuel diplomatic tensions around the world. While the pandemic exposed other bad behaviors, from environmental to labor abuses, something most ESG ratings systems failed to appropriately capture.

The speakers will discuss what it means to be green and why transparency is essential if we ever hope to get there.


Hilary Jochmans, Jochmans Consulting and Founder of Politically In Fashion, will discuss her advocacy work calling for updating the FTC Green Guides

Kirti Poonia, Head of Okhai, a sustainable fashion brand subsidiary of Tata Global

Russ Wermers, Director of the CFP and expert in asset management will discuss the need for transparency for proper ESG scoring


Kristen Fanarakis, Sr. consultant with the CFP and founder of the American made luxury fashion brand Senza Tempo

Nima Farshchi, Director, Center for Social Value Creation





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