UMD Counseling Center Workshop: Coping Skills

The Coping Skills Series will help participants develop a broad range of coping skills applicable to daily life, including managing stress, emotions, and uncertainty, as well as take a deeper dive into the practice of mindfulness.

First Monday of the Month: Mastering Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness can help you manage your emotions, accept your reality, and stay grounded. Learn techniques to build your mindfulness skills and practice with brief mindful meditations during the workshop.

Second Monday of the Month: Coping with Stress
Stress is a ubiquitous part of life. It has a bad reputation but it's not always a bad thing. Join us to learn about the different types of stress, common reactions to stress, and best practices for coping with various stressors.

Third Monday of the Month: Taking Control of Your Thoughts
We'll help you control your thoughts so they are not controlling you. This workshop will provide concrete techniques for recognizing, understanding, and altering unhelpful patterns of thinking.

Fourth Monday of the Month: Surviving Difficult Emotions
Sometimes our emotions are so intense, it feels like they will never end. This workshop provides strategies to help understand our emotions and to cope with the associated discomfort and distress.

If you cannot attend, view recordings of past workshops on the center's YouTube channel.





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