The Key Components for Fraud Prevention and Early Detection

Businesses, whether public, private, government or not for profits, are highly susceptible to fraud. Having critical controls in place and making sure they work reduces exposure for the company’s business, employees, vendors, investors and customers. Fraud prevention and early detection are two foundational musts to protect any business from losses, leading to bankruptcy, liability, and harmful business reputation exposure. David Malamed will use real case examples and key methods to prevent fraud from occurring, provide early detection techniques, and explain recovery sources in the event of a loss. The talk will cover:

  • Fraud awareness training
  • Why a whistleblower program is your number one fraud detection control
  • Employee monitoring
  • Common red flags of fraud
  • Sources for recovery 

About the Speaker

David Malamed, CPA, CA, DIFA, CPA (Illinois), CFE, CFI, CFF is the head of forensic accounting and chief fraud investigator at Cooper, Green & Warren LLP. He is a court qualified forensic accounting and fraud investigation expert specializing in fraud investigations and underlying damage quantification. He conducts and manages investigations on behalf of corporations, law firms, individuals, governments, law enforcement agencies and other public sector organizations. He also regularly publishes articles and video blogs on various fraud topics. Please visit to find out more about him.

This event is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation and Crime (CBERC).

December 4, 2020 - 12:00pm
Robert H. Smith School of Business
Map of Robert H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland
Robert H. Smith School of Business
Van Munching Hall
College Park MD 20742