Fuego y Leña // Slow Burn: Food, Justice, and Sovereignty in the Americas Virtual Conference

Conceptualizing food from a transnational perspective illuminates the imbalances of power between colonial trade practices and colonized groups, North and South, theory and practice. Transnational perspectives speaks to the collaborations and conflicts that emerge at the cross-national, gender, racial, generational connections throughout the Americas.

Slow burn - A fuego lento - Em fogo baixo. Slow burn is an image that refers to a careful process of cooking. It represents patience, ancestral knowledge, the simmering pot. This conference invites us to question how slow-burn -- as a method-- can improve our practices, challenge our politics, slow-down vertiginous modern times to reflect on our historical, present, and future realities. What does it mean for justice to be on a slow burn? How does placing the myriad issues surrounding food on a slow burn move us closer to justice?

The conference features a keynote panel with scholars, community members, artists, and activists. It includes graduate and undergraduate student research panels and innovative sessions offering different ways of exchanging ideas.

September 25, 2020 - 10:00am
Robert H. Smith School of Business
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University of Maryland
Robert H. Smith School of Business
Van Munching Hall
College Park MD 20742