Fearless Speaker Webinar: Entrepreneur Hobie Cohen

We are pleased to welcome fellow Terp, Hobie Cohen, who spent a good deal of time at the University of Maryland (EE '04, part-time MBA '16). He is an engineer at Lockheed Martin and has served in a variety of roles for the past 15 years, including hardware engineering, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and program management. Currently, Cohen is performing additive manufacturing research to replace traditional manufacturing and destructive testing with a digital process, and he is also generating 3D models and 2D drawings for various programs. During this difficult pandemic, he looked into manufacturing 3D printed face shields for the Holy Cross Hospital System, where Cohen's first child had been delivered. Joining forces with his wife, this mission unintentionally turned into dmvfightingcovid.com, through which they and a large team of remote volunteers have provided approximately 14,000 units of 3D printed and handmade PPE across the country. Cohen feels very blessed and is grateful for the opportunity to serve others as much as he can.





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