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Tori Shay

Associate Director, Sports Management Program


Tori Shay is a dedicated higher education professional with over a decade of experience in shaping the academic journey of college students. Graduating from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in family science, Tori holds a deep appreciation for education and its transformative power.

Currently serving as the Associate Director of the Sports Management Program, Tori brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her passion for creating engaging and inclusive learning experiences has been instrumental in developing the program’s curriculum. With a keen understanding of learning theory and emerging student-centric and experiential approaches, Tori strives to foster a sense of belonging and community within her programs.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Tori is an avid reality TV viewer and a devoted supporter of the New York Mets and Islanders. She finds joy in giving back to the communities that have played a pivotal role in her personal and professional growth, including her affiliation with Delta Gamma, where she serves as a Regional Collegiate Specialist.

Tori's extensive background includes the development of curriculum and instructional materials for over 25 undergraduate courses, trainings, and workshops. As a dynamic facilitator of learning, she has made significant contributions to orientation, transition, and retention initiatives, helping students navigate their academic journey with confidence and success.

With her unwavering dedication to student success and her commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments, Tori Shay continues to make a positive impact in the Smith community and beyond.


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