Oliver Schlake

Clinical Professor

4542 Van Munching Hall
(301) 405-0778
Ph.D., University of Paderborn, Germany

Dr. Oliver Schlake is a Clinical Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business, a senior business consultant, entrepreneur and researcher. His publications and research on scenario-based strategic planning and innovation strategy have been featured in leading academic and practitioner journals worldwide. Oliver has been an international management consultant and strategic advisor for leading companies and government agencies in Europe and North-America. Prior to joining the Smith School he was Assistant Professor for E-Business at National University, San Diego and CEO for German based consulting firm Scenario Management International (ScMI AG).

Primary Research Areas

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Scenario Planning
  • R&D Portfolio Optimization
  • Early Stages of Venture Creation
  • Business Creativity

Selected Publications

  • Fink / Schlake (2000): Scenario Management - An Approach for strategic foresight. Competitive Intelligence Review, Vol. 11(1) pp. 37-45 (2000).
  • Fink / Schlake / Siebe (2000): Scenario Management - Integrating scenarios into strategic planning and early warning. Scenario & Strategy Planning, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp. 10-15 (2000).
  • Feldmann / Sensen / Monien / Schlake (2002): Algorithms for the Consistency Analysis in Scenario Projects, in: Combinatorial and Global Optimization, 55-74, ed.: Pardalos, Migdalas, Burkard.
  • Fink / Schlake / Siebe (2000): Wie Sie mit Szenarien die Zukunft vorausdenken, Sonderdruck aus dem Harvard Business Manager 2/2000 in: Harvard Business Manager 2/2000, S. 34-47.
  • Gausemeier / Fink / Schlake / (1998): Scenario Management: An Approach to Develop Future Potentials, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 59(2) 1998, pp. 111-130

Honors and Awards

  • Winner of the 1998 Elsevier Award for "Best paper in Technological Forecast and Social Change".
  • Named among the 4 most influential German Futurists by STERN magazine, 2000.

Consulting Work

  • Astra Zeneca
  • Audi
  • Bosch
  • Department of Defense
  • German Telekom
  • Junghans
  • Metso
  • Siemens
  • Thomson ISI
  • UPM Kymmene
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