Bennet A. Zelner

Associate Professor

3339 Van Munching Hall
Ph.D., University of California

Bennet A. Zelner (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2001) studies the governance of economic and political relations. His primary interests include community-based models of economic development, distributed governance, regenerative economics, and cryptocurrency design. He also has a longstanding interest in the process of institutional change, which he has examined in the context of neoliberal infrastructure reform and the diffusion of Anglo-American shareholder capitalism. His research has appeared in such journals as the American Sociological Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Research Policy, and Harvard Business Review. At the Smith School, Professor Zelner teaches classes in economics and global business studies, and he also serves as the Academic Coordinator for MBA Global Business Courses. Outside of school he advises start-ups in the social entrepreneurship space.