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Fusion100 Clothing Brand: From A Dorm Room to SportsCenter

Ilan Orgel

Ilan Orgel has always had an entrepreneurial drive – and a sense of style. Before coming to the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School and beginning his finance degree, Orgel lived in New York, where he’d often wait in long, early morning lines to buy sneakers he would later resell at a profit.

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Student Profile

From High School Onward, Driven Toward Social Entrepreneurship

Michael Zhao

He’s just a semester into his college career at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, but freshman Michael Zhao already knows exactly what he wants to do for the rest of his life – use a finance and computer science education to make the world a better place.

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Alumni Profile

For 5 Siblings, Baking and Making a Family Company

Ronnie ’09 and Johnny ’14 Dubbaneh

There are secrets to baking that also apply to being an entrepreneur. And five Maryland siblings are putting those secrets to work in their latest venture. The Dubbaneh brothers and sisters – Ronnie, Danny, Ronia, Johnny and Deanna – know that to be successful in baking, you have to take care in every step of the process, be patient, give it your time and attention, and love what you’re doing. It’s the same for starting a business.

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As CEO, Leading by Helping Others Grow

Jennifer Felix ’92

Jennifer Felix ’92 has one goal in mind when it comes to leadership – helping everyone maximize their potential. As president and CEO of ASRC Federal – a Maryland-based government services subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation owned by 13,000 Iñupiat shareholders – Felix has learned firsthand what it means to lead. It starts with empowering others and finding inspiration in every journey, she says.

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At PBS, Finding a ‘Dream’ and Creating Inspiration

Sylvia Bugg, EMBA ’12

When Sylvia Bugg, EMBA ’12, first applied for a job as an administrative assistant at PBS in the early 1990s, she was excited to join an organization that had supported and broadcast so much important content. “It was a dream,” she says, looking back. Today, she’s PBS’s chief programming executive and general manager of general audience programming, playing an integral role in the broadcaster’s mission.

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An Accounting Journey: From Student Employee to CEO

Anoop Mehta ’84

When it comes to navigating the business world, Anoop Mehta ’84 understands the power of a network.

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A Film Producer, Making Movies that Inspire

Mark Ciardi ’83

The USA hockey team upsetting the Soviet Union in the Olympics. A 35-year-old pitcher making his MLB debut. A horse owner fostering a colt to Triple Crown glory.

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An All-Star Turn: Beginning a Career in Data Science

Sagar Math, MS ’18

After being exposed to the data analysis field, Sagar Math, MS ’18, knew he had found his calling. What he didn’t know was that he also found his path to becoming an all-star.

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Student Profile

Alexia Ayuk ’23: An Advocate And Changemaker

Alexia Ayuk ’23

For undergrad Alexia Ayuk ’23, advocating for the less fortunate and serving as a changemaker have always been top priorities. The Maryland Smith junior, studying operations management and business analytics, is president of the Smith Undergraduate Student Association. She helped launch Smith’s Inclusion, Accountability and Oversight Coalition, which holds school leaders to the practices of diversity and inclusion.

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A Dream Job, And Space To Grow, in Tech

When David Rosenstein ’20 was a Maryland Smith undergraduate student, he became known for his boundless energy. One marketing professor even referred to him as a “Human Energizer Bunny. 

The title has stuck, and his tempo hasn’t slowed.

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