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UMD Violinist Doesn't Miss a Beat at Maryland Smith

Beatrice Baker, MS Business and Management ’22

I chose Maryland Smith’s Master of Science in Business and Management (MSBMGT) program because I knew it would provide me with a wide range of skills and experiences that would be directly applicable to the business environment I wanted to enter post-graduation. The program provides you with real-world experiences and working knowledge of all aspects of business ranging from accounting to ethics.

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Lacrosse Champion Primed for Global Business Challenges

Owen Prybylski, MS in Business and Management ’22

I chose Smith’s MSBMGT program to maximize my academic and athletic careers as I searched for a consulting role. More importantly, I sought a program that would expose me to the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful as an entry-level consultant. Not only did my Maryland Smith experience help me obtain an entry-level position at Protiviti, but it also made me confident in my ability to perform at the highest level.

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Standing Up for Climate Change and Leading With Purpose

Jessica Ennis, EMBA ’20

Jessica Ennis, EMBA ’20, set out to forge a career rooted in purpose. Now, that purpose has taken her all the way to the White House.

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Making the World a Better Place, One Sip at a Time

Jorge Richardson BS ’21

Jorge Richardson BS ’21 originally went to Maryland Smith to follow in his family footsteps, join a big investment bank and put in the years to climb up the ladder. During a summer at the World Bank, he was enamored at the Bank’s ability to catalyze massive sustainable development change through innovation & financing methods, piquing his interest in the climate space.

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Navigating Finance Through Resiliency - Jeron Davis Forbes 30 Under 30 Profile

Jeron Davis BS ‘15

From selling crayons for change in elementary school to investing i

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Taking A Passion for Research Outside Academia

Debdatta Sinha Roy, PhD ‘19

When we imagine researchers, we often think about the world of academia in which professors conduct research while taking on a teaching schedule. However, outside of academia, there are a variety of professional research scientists, like Maryland Smith alum Debdatta Sinha Roy, PhD ‘19, who use data to help companies find patterns in customer behavior and optimize future decisions. 

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Changing Lives, Through Social Entrepreneurship

L. Audrey Awasom ’18

L. Audrey Awasom, ’18, is leading an uprising. Her goal? To see a society where every woman has access to good healthcare, affordable housing and sustainable employment.

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A ‘30 Under 30’ Recipient, on Embracing Challenges

Ali Salhi, MS ’18

For Loop CTO Ali Salhi, MS ’18, Maryland Smith was a place to learn about the importance of learning through challenges.

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On Seeing the Bigger Picture, Not the Puzzle Pieces

Kent Baker, MBA ’69, DBA ’72, MEd ’74

He has invested almost 45 years teaching, earning eight academic degrees, including three doctorates, and publishing 35 books and more than 300 academic and practitioner-oriented articles. Yet, H. Kent Baker, MBA ’69, DBA ’72, MEd ’74, says it isn’t yet time for retirement – not, he says, until he can no longer take the stairs to his office at American University.

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Qualcomm CFO, on Finding a Passion

Akash Palkhiwala, MBA ’99

For Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala, Maryland Smith was a place to find his passion and adapt to life in a new country.

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