Donald Bowen

Donald Bowen began the program in Fall 2012. Don comes to the Smith PhD program from the University of Rochester, where he began some of his research. His specific research interests include empirical corporate finance, international corporate finance, corporate governance, and innovation. Don's working paper explores identification strategy and technology adoption within corporate finance.

Stefano Collina

Stefano Collina began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, empirical markt microstructure, and financial regulation. Stefano's working paper explores commodity futures speculation and spot volatility: a conditional analysis. 

Jinming Xue

Jinming Xue began the program in Fall 2014. His researach interests include empirical asset pricing. Jinming's working paper explores market return predictability and industry linkages. 

Bo Hu

Bo Hu began the program in Fall 2014. His research interests include asset pricing and market microstructure.

High Frequency Trading: Focus on ‘Troll Under Bridge’

High-frequency traders provide a useful service but rig the system when they extract tolls from investors, Smith School professor Albert "Pete" Kyle said this week during a financial regulation conference in Australia. "They are like a troll under a bridge who charges travelers something extra when they cross to the other side," Kyle has said. Debate about high-frequency trading heated up prior to the conference when a U.S. brokerage firm agreed to a record-high fine for allegations related to the practice. Read more...

Berkshire Mega-Deal Typifies Buffett’s Bargain Hunting

Berkshire Hathaway’s $32.6 billion buyout of Precision Castparts Corp. represents the Warren Buffett conglomerate’s largest-ever takeover. But it also “exemplifies Buffett’s determination to find cheap and out-of-favor companies with a history of strong earnings and high barriers to competition,” reports the Omaha World-Herald, paraphrasing Smith School professor David Kass. Read more...


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