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Bridging the Rural-Urban Healthcare Divide

Online communities are helping patients find, share information and connect with each other at unprecedented levels. But can they also create social value by helping to bridge the disparities between rural and urban health care? As part of a recent study, smith School professors Ritu Agarwal and Guodong "Gordon" Gao, and former doctoral student Jie Mein Goh, now at Canada's Simon Fraser University, asked whether online health communities can create social value, by helping to alleviate regional health disparities between rural and urban patients. Read more...

The Economist Ranks Smith Faculty No. 1 in World

Professors at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business placed No. 1 in the world for "faculty quality" in The Economist's 2016 full-time MBA rankings, marking the third consecutive year atop the category. Prior to the current run, the school finished No. 2 for faculty quality in 2013. Overall, the Smith School finished No. 47 globally and No. 32 in the United States in the latest rankings, released Oct. 13.

Abdullah Alhauli

Abdullah started the program in Fall 2016. His research interest is in examining how advances in information technology contribute to organizational change, business performance, and other intangible assets such as customer satisfaction. He also has a keen interest in specifically studying the impact of IT-induced transformations on individuals, organizations, industries, and the economy.

Huan Cao

Huan began the program in Fall 2016. His research interests include project scheduling, supply chain management, and sharing economy.

Mikhail Lysyakov

Mikhail began the program in Fall 2016. His research interests include interdisciplinary applications of machine learning techniques and econometrics methods to explain the complex social phenomena within information systems research domain.

Jaehoon Jeong

Jaehoon began the program in Fall 2016. Her research interest includes technology strategy and innovation. She wants to examine how Information Technology (IT) transforms the technology strategy and innovation in business models, platforms, products, and services. Before joining SmithPhD, Jaehoon had worked for LG Economic Research Institute, Samsung Electronics and UNESCO Bangkok.


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