Accounting & Information Assurance

Fikret Polat

Fikret Polat began the program in Fall 2015. His research interests include financial accounting and the role of accounting information in the macroeconomy, corporate governance, behavioral finance and tax avoidance. 

Kyungran Lee

Kyungran Lee began the program in Fall 2011. Her research interests include financial accounting, managerial accounting, disclosure and acccounting information. Kyungran's working paper discusses post-chapter 11 debt contracting and firm performance. 

Wenfeng Wang

Wenfeng Wang began the program in Fall 2011. His research interests include ecoonomic effects of financial disclosure regulation, corporate finance, financial intermediary, and accounting theory. Wenfeng's working paper explores information loss across sequential earnings forecasts: measurement, magnitude, and an application. 

Yue Zheng

Yue Zheng began the program in Fall 2012. Her research interests include corporate governance, disclosure and regulation, and accounting and macroeconomics. Her working papers explore the source of financing and firm performance post Chapter 11 emergence, the market reaction to pay ratio disclosure rule, and reputation of the CEO using credit scorecard measurements.


Sijing Wei

Sijing Wei began the program in Fall 2012. Sijing's research investigates voluntary disclosure, capital markets, product markets, earnings management and corporate social responsibility. One of her working papers explores information transparency and product market competition. Her second working paper discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting and the GAP between perceived and actual CSR performance.  


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