Program Information

Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) is a multidisciplinary, reality-centered program for University of Maryland undergraduates from three participating schools. Students participate in a challenging course of study that focuses on innovation, quality systems management and teamwork and co-curricular programming aimed at bringing diverse knowledge, skill and perspective to enhance their professional and personal development.


QUEST students represent majors within three colleges of the University, including:

Unique from most undergraduate programs, QUEST students share and develop both their business and technology acumen while increasing their understanding of how the two industries are interdependent in the professional field.

Collaboration & Team Work

In each QUEST course, students work in cross-functional teams on a semester long project.

The team based and multidisciplinary format of the curriculum provides students with experience in navigating team dynamics, working with individuals of diverse skill sets and talents, and inspires an environment for collaborating on ideas and tactical strategies.

Community of Learning

QUEST is a community of learning – all members contribute to and benefit from the interactions and lessons learned. The community includes students, faculty and staff, alumni, professional partners and University colleagues. This dynamic combination provides a broad field of shared learning experiences, networks, sponsorship and project opportunities, and a unique program structure.


Reality-CenteredBoth inside and outside of the classroom, QUEST projects and co-curricular programs are focused on real-time innovations, organizational challenges and/or issues facing undergraduates, organizations and society today. Students learn and apply total quality tools and principles, Systems Thinking principles, engage in customer-driven initiatives and develop innovations while in the program. As seniors, student teams consult on a real-time organizational challenge for a real-world client.

QUEST Facts & Figures

*Percentages of QUEST Honors Students add up to more than 100% due to some students being enrolled in multiple colleges