Welcome to the Marketing Department at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The Marketing Department offers courses and programs leading to BS, MS and PhD degrees. In addition, the Marketing Department plays a significant role in providing marketing courses with the Smith School’s MBA program.

The Smith School's marketing department combines leading scholars who have had profound influence on the discipline with young scholars showing great promise and potential for impact.

A new university-wide research group on decision making has formed to look at the judgment and decision-making process. Decisions have serious consequences, including for health, financial well-being, economics, politics and the environment. Understanding what factors influence human judgment and decision making therefore has far-reaching implications for society. An overview of this new committee’s activities and goals can be found on their website.

The department scholarship enables Smith School marketing graduates -- both at the MBA and undergraduate levels -- to develop a mastery of the traditional foundations of marketing with the ability to apply cutting-edge research insights to drive strategic decision-making. The Marketing Department scholarship is supported by an active PhD program, the Center for Excellence in Service, the Center for Complexity in Business and the Netcentric Behavioral Lab.