Hank Boyd Talks NFL Marketing
Hank Boyd Talks NFL Marketing

Welcome to the Marketing Department at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The Marketing Department offers courses and programs leading to BS, MS and PhD degrees. In addition, the Marketing Department plays a significant role in providing marketing courses with the Smith School’s MBA program.

The Smith School's marketing department combines leading scholars who have had profound influence on the discipline with young scholars showing great promise and potential for impact.

The department scholarship enables Smith School marketing graduates -- both at the MBA and undergraduate levels -- to develop a mastery of the traditional foundations of marketing with the ability to apply cutting-edge research insights to drive strategic decision-making. The Marketing Department scholarship is supported by an active PhD program, the Center for Excellence in Service, the Center for Complexity in Business and the Netcentric Behavioral Lab.


Oct 19, 2016
Experiential / Reality-based Learning
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On Oct. 17, 2016, undergraduate students at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business who are in the Hospitality Business Fellows (HBF) program traveled a few miles down the road to visit the headquarters of Chesapeake Hospitality, a nationally-recognized hotel management company.

Oct 18, 2016
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What's next for Twitter? Just a few weeks ago, Twitter had a multitude of potential suitors, with Google, Disney and Salesforce all said to be considering bids to acquire the mainstay social media platform. Then, one by one, the suitors walked away. Liz Sara, chair of the Board of Advisors for the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the Smith School, breaks down what Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey...

Oct 12, 2016
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The NFL's biggest concern this season likely isn't Colin Kaepernick or concussion risks or even who's going to the Super Bowl. It's eyeballs.The National Football League has seen its faithful TV audience unexpectedly deflate by more than 10 percent through the first five weeks of the season, according to Nielsen ratings data. Smith School professor Derrick Heggans, who formerly worked for the NFL, says those...

Oct 07, 2016
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What does the first presidential debate have in common with the famed “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman? They both set a perfect template for a strategic management course. Read more...

Sep 28, 2016
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"Vacation Creation" will air on the CW. Love, exciting and new – that’s what Carnival Cruise Lines is going for as its launches its new line of original television programming. It's hoping to recreate the TV magic that helped boost the vacation cruise industry in the 1980s, when the popular hour-long sitcom, “The Love Boat,” was in its heyday and people were flocking to ports like never before in search of a dream...