Marketing faculty members publish regularly in the leading marketing journals, and have written a number of influential books. They have consistently won outstanding teaching awards by presenting the latest marketing concepts in clear and interesting ways.

Please click on the book for more information (when available).


Social Media Intelligence, 2014

Wendy W. Moe
David A. Schweidel

Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing, 2007

Michel Wedel 
F.G.M. Pieters (Eds.)

2007, New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Marketing and Consumer Psychology Series, C.P. Haugtvedt (series editor).

Customer Equity Management

Customer Equity Management

Roland T. Rust
Kay N. Lemon, Das Narayandas

2005, Prentice Hall



Roland T. Rust & P. K. Kannan

2002, M.E. Sharpe

Understanding Business

Understanding Business

William G. Nickels
James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh

2002, McGraw Hill

Student Assessment

Student Assessment and Learning Guide for use with Understanding Business

William G. Nickels
James McHugh, Susan McHugh

2001, McGraw Hill

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation: Conceptual and Methodological Foundations

Michel Wedel 
W.A. Kamakura, p.1-382. 2nd edition.

2000, Dordrecht: Kluwer

Building Models

Building Models for Marketing Decisions

Michel Wedel 
P.S.H. Leeflang, D.R. Wittink, Ph. Naert

2000, Dordrecht: Kluwer

Driving Customer Equity

Driving Customer Equity: How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy

Roland T. Rust
Valarie A. Zeithaml, Katherine N. Lemon

Winner 2002 Berry-AMA Book Prize for the Best Book in Marketing

2000, The Free Press

Marketing: Relationships, Quality, Value

Marketing: Relationships, Quality, Value

William G. Nickels
Marian Burk Wood

1997, Worth Publishing

Service Marketing

Service Marketing

Roland T. Rust
Anthony J. Zahorik, Timothy L. Keiningham

1996, Harper Collins

Readings in Service Marketing

Readings in Service Marketing

Roland T. Rust
Anthony J. Zahorik, Timothy L. Keiningham

1996, Harper Collins

Return on Quality

Return on Quality

Roland T. Rust
Anthony J. Zahorik, Timothy L. Keiningham

1994, Irwin Publishing

Service Quality

Service Quality

Roland T. Rust and 
Richard L. ("Rich") Oliver

1994, Sage Publishing

Ad Media Models

Advertising Media Models

Roland T. Rust

1986, Lexington Books

Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles

William G. Nickels

1978, 1982, Prentice Hall Inc.

Marketing Communications & Promotion

Marketing Communications & Promotion

William G. Nickels

1976, 1984 Grid Inc.


Selected Recent Journal Articles

These are some of the recent publications from some of our faculty. Author names highlighted are Smith faculty. Entries are listed chronologically from most recent (forthcoming) through 2008. For older publications or a more complete list by a particular Smith professor, please see the faculty member’s web page and/or their curriculum vita.

Forthcoming (accepted for publication)

Koukova, Nevena T., Joydeep Srivastava, and Martina Steul-Fischer, “The Effect of Shipping Fee Structure on Consumers’ Online Evaluations and Choice,” forthcoming in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Koukova, Nevena, P. K. Kannan, and Amna Kirmani (forthcoming), “Multi-Format Digital Products:  How Design Attributes Interact with Usage Situations to Determine Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research.

Moe, Wendy and David Schweidel, "Online Product Opinion: Incidence, Evaluation and Evolution," Marketing Science, forthcoming.


Godes, David and Jose Silva, “Sequential and Temporal Dynamics of Online Opinion,” Marketing Science, 2013, Vol. 31 (3), (May/June), pp. 448-473.

   - Winner, John D.C. Little Award

Ferraro, Rosellina, Amna Kirmani, and Ted Matherly (2013) “Look at Me! Look at Me! Conspicuous Brand Usage, Self-Brand Connection, and Dilution,” Journal of Marketing Research, 50 (4), 477-488.

Palmeira, Mauricio and Joydeep Srivastava (2013), “Free Offer ≠ Cheap Product: A Selective Accessibility Account on the Valuation of Free Offers,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (4), 644-656.

Trusov, Michael, William Rand and Yogesh V. Joshi (2013), “Improving Prelaunch Diffusion Forecasts: Using Synthetic Networks as Simulated Priors,” Journal of Marketing Research, December, Vol. 50, Issue 6.

T. Satomura, M. Wedel, R. Pieters.  Copy Alert: A Method and Metric to Detect Visual Copycat Brands. Journal of Marketing Research, 2013, forthcoming. 

W.Shi, M.Wedel, R.Pieters. Information acquisition during online decision making: A model-based exploration using eye-tracking data. Management Science, 2013, 59 (5):1009-1026. (Lead Article).


Godes, David, “The Strategic Impact of References in Business Markets,” Marketing Science, 2012, Vol. 31 (2), (March/April), pp. 257-76. 

  - Finalist, John D.C. Little Award

Moorman, Christine, Rosellina Ferraro, and Joel Huber (2012), “Unintended Nutrition Consequences: Firm Responses to the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act,” Marketing Science, 31 (5), 717-737.

Moorman, Christine, Rosellina Ferraro, and Joel Huber (2012), “From Consumer Information Regulation to Nutrition Competition: A Response,” Marketing Science, 31 (5), 747-755.

Koukova, Nevena T., Joydeep Srivastava, and Martina Steul-Fischer (2012), “The Effect of Shipping Fee Structure on Consumers’ Online Evaluations and Choice,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (6), 759-770.

Valenzuela, Ana and Joydeep Srivastava (2012), “Role of Information Asymmetry and Situational Salience in Reducing Intergroup Bias: The Case of Ultimatum Games,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38 (12), 1671-1683.

Arens, Zachary and Roland T. Rust (2012), "The Duality of Decisions and the Case for Impulsiveness Metrics," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (3), 468-479.

* Rust, Roland T. and Ming-Hui Huang (2012), "Optimizing Service Productivity," Journal of Marketing, 76 (2), 47-66.

    * Second Place Winner, 2010 INFORMS Service Science Section Best Paper Award.

R. Pieters, M. Wedel.  AdGist: Ad Communication in a Single Eye-Fixation, 2012.  Marketing Science, 31 (1): 59-73.  

S. Stakhovych, T.H.A. Bijmolt, M. Wedel.  Patial Dependence and Heterogeneity in Bayesian Factor Analysis, A Cross National Investigation of Value Domains. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 2012, 47 (6), 803-839. 

T.Teixeira, M.Wedel, R. Pieters.  Emotion Induced Engagement in Internet Video Ads, 2012. Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (2), 144-159. (Cited in the Washington Times, March 2012).

R. Pieters, M. Wedel. AdGist: Ad Communication in a Single Eye-Fixation, 2012. Marketing Science, Forthcoming.

Kulkarni, Gauri, P.K. Kannan and Wendy Moe (2012), "Using Online Search Data to Forecast New Product Sales," Decision Support Systems, 52(3), 604-611.

Zhang, Jie and Els Breugelmans (2012), “The Impact of an Item-Based Loyalty Program on Consumer Purchase Behavior,” Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (February), 50-65.


Rutz, Oliver, Michael Trusov and Randolph E. Bucklin (2011), “Modeling Indirect Effects of Paid Search Advertising: Which Keywords Lead to More Future Visits?” Marketing Science, July/August, 30:646-665.

Moe, Wendy W. and Michael Trusov (2011), “The Value of Social Dynamics in Online Product Ratings Forums,” Journal of Marketing Research, June, Vol. 48, No. 3: 444-456.

Rutz, Oliver and Michael Trusov (2011), “Zooming In on Paid Search Ads – A Consumer-level Model Calibrated on Aggregated Data,” Marketing Science, September/October, 30: 789-800

van der Lans, R., Wedel, M., Pieters, R. (2011). "Defining Eye-Fixation Sequences across Individuals and Tasks: The Binocular-Individual Threshold (BIT) Defining Eye-Fixation Sequences across Individuals and Tasks: The Binocular-Individual Threshold (BIT) Algorithm." Behavior Research Methods, 43: 239-257.

Moe, Wendy W., David A. Schweidel and Michael Trusov (2011), “What Influences Customers’ Online Comments,” Sloan Management Review, Fall.

Rust, Roland T., V. Kumar and Rajkumar Venkatesan (2011), “Will the Frog Change into a Prince?: Predicting Future Customer Profitability,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28 (4), 281-294.

Moe, Wendy and Michael Trusov (2011), "Measuring the Value of Social Dynamics in Online Product Ratings Forums," Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (3).

Srivastava, Joydeep and Dipankar Chakravarti (2011), “Price Presentation Effects in Purchases Involving Trade-Ins,” Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (October).

Williams, Nathan, P. K. Kannan, Shapour Azarm (2011), “Retail Channel Structure Impact on Strategic Engineering Product Design,” Management Science, Vol. 57, No. 5, May, pp. 897–914.

Ferraro, Rosellina, Jennifer Edson Escalas, and James R. Bettman (2011), “Our Possessions, Our Selves: Domains of Self-Worth and the Possession-Self Link,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 21 (2), 169-177.

Rand, William and Roland Rust (2011), “Agent-Based Modeling in Marketing: Guidelines for Rigor,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28(3), 181-193.

Huang, Ming-Hui and Roland T. Rust (2011), "Sustainability and Consumption," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39(1), 40-54.

Hamilton, Rebecca W.Rebecca K. Ratner and Debora V. Thompson (2011), Outpacing Others: When Consumers Value Products Based on Relative Usage Frequency, Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (April), 1079-1094.


Mathwick, C., J. Wagner, and R. Unni (2010), “Computer-Mediated Customization Tendency and the Adaptive eService Environment,” Journal of Retailing, March 2010, Vol. 86, Issue 1, pp. 11-21.

Teixeira, T., Wedel, M., and Pieter, R.  (2010). Moment-to-Moment Optimal Branding in TV Commercials: Preventing Avoidance by Pulsing. 2010. Marketing Science, 29 (3), (Lead Article).

Pieters, R., Wedel, M., and Batra, R. "The Stopping Power of Advertising: Measures and Effects of Visual Complexity." (2010). Journal of Marketing, 74 (5), 48-60.

** Finalist for the MSI/Paul Root Award.

Hamilton, Rebecca W., Stefano Puntoni and Nader T. Tavassoli (2010), “Categorization by Groups and Individuals,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 112 (May), 70-81.

Hamilton, Rebecca W. and Joydeep Srivastava (2010), “Slicing and Dicing Your Pricing,” Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb, (88-1).

Hamilton, Rebecca W.Joydeep Srivastava and Ajay T. Abraham (2010). When Should You Nickel and Dime Your Customers? A Manager’s Guide to Benefits-Based Price Partitioning, MIT Sloan Management Review. 52 (Fall), 59-67

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya and Nathan Novemsky (2010), “When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 36.

Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Aparna A. Labroo and Ravi Dhar (2010), “Making Products Feel Special: When Metacognitive Difficulty Improves Product Evaluation,” Journal of Marketing Research, Dec. 2010.

Fornell, Claes, Roland T. Rust and Marnik G. Dekimpe (2010), “The Effect of Customer Satisfaction on Consumer Spending Growth,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (February), 28-35.

** Finalist, Paul E. Green Award, 2011.  The award recognizes "the best article in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research."  The award winners are chosen by the Journal of Marketing Research's Editorial Review Board.

Rust, Roland T., Christine Moorman and Gaurav Bhalla, (2010), "Rethinking Marketing," Harvard Business Review, 88(1), 94-101.

Oza, Shweta S., Joydeep Srivastava, Nevena T. Koukova (2010), “How Suspicion Mitigates the Effect of Influence Tactics,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 112 (May).

Trusov, Michael, Anand Bodapati, and Randolph E. Bucklin (2010), "Determining Influential Users in Internet Social Networks," Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 47 (4), 643-658.

Decker, Reinhold and Michael Trusov (2010), "Estimating Aggregate Consumer Preferences from Online Product Reviews," International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol. 27 (4), 293-307.

Aribarg, Anocha, Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel (2010), “The Diagnostic Value of Advertising Recognition,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (3), 387-400.

Wedel, Michel, Rajeev Batra and P. Lenk, (2010), “Brand Extension Strategy Planning: Empirical Estimation of Brand-category personality Fit and Atypicality,” Journal of Marketing Research. 47 (2), 335-347.

Nierop, Evan, Richard Paap, Bart Bronnenberg, Michel Wedel and Philip H. Franses (2010), “Modelling Unobserved Consideration Sets for Household Panel Data,” Journal of Marketing Research, Feb (47), 63-74.

Ailawadi, Kusum L., Jie Zhang, Aradhna Krishna, and Michael W. Kruger (2010), “When Wal-Mart Enters: How Incumbent Retailers React and How This Affects Their Sales Outcomes,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (Aug), 577-593 (lead article).


Chen, Tao, Ajay Kalra and Baohong Sun, (2009), “Why Do Consumers Buy Extended Service Contracts?” Journal of Consumer Research, 36 (Dec), 611–623.

Chen, Tao, Baohong Sun and Vishal Singh, (2009), “An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Effect of Marlboro’s Permanent Pricing Shift,” Marketing Science, 28(4), 740–758.

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Musalem, Andres and Yogesh Joshi (2009), “How Much Should You Invest in Each Customer Relationship?  A Competitive Strategic Approach,” Marketing Science, May/Jun 28(3).

Joshi, Yogesh, David Reibstein and John Zhang (2009), “Optimal Entry Timing in Markets with Social Influence,” Management Science, 55(6) 926-939.

Kannan, P.K., Barbara Kline Pope, and Sanjay Jain (2009), “Pricing Digital Content Product Lines: A Model and Application for the National Academies Press,” Marketing Science, Jul/Aug, 28( 4).

** Winner of the INFORMS Society of Marketing Science Practice Prize Competition, 2007.

Bezawada, Ram, S. Balachandar, P.K. Kannan, and Venky Shankar (2009), “Cross-Category Effects of Aisle and Display Placements: A Spatial Modeling Approach and Insight,” Journal of Marketing, 73(3), 99-117.

Kirmani, Amna (2009), “The Self and the Brand,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, July 19(3).

Moe, Wendy and Sha Yang, (2009), “The Impact of a New Competitive Entry on an Incumbent's Customer Base,” Journal of Marketing, 73(1).

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Hanssens, Dominique M., Roland T. Rust and Rajendra K. Srivastava (2009), “Marketing Strategy and Wall Street: Nailing Down Marketing’s Impact,” Journal of Marketing, Nov 73(6).

Chung, Tuck Siong, Roland Rust and Michel Wedel (2009), “My Mobile Music: An Adaptive Personalization System for Digital Audio Players,” Marketing Science, 28(1).

Raghubir, Priya and Joydeep Srivastava (2009), “The Denomination Effect,” Journal of Consumer Research, Dec (36).

Srivastava, Joydeep and Dipankar Chakravarti (2009), “Channel Negotiations with Information Asymmetries: Contingent Influences of Communication and Trustworthiness,” Journal of Marketing Research, Aug 64.

Trusov, Michael, Randolph E. Bucklin and Koen Pauwels (2009), “Estimating the Dynamic Effects of Online Word-of-Mouth on Member Growth of a Social Network Site,” Journal of Marketing, Sept( 73).

Zhang, Jie and Michel Wedel (2009), “The Effectiveness of Customized Promotions in Online and Offline Stores,” Journal of Marketing Research, (46) 2, 190-206.

Zhang, JieMichel Wedel and Rik Pieters (2009), “Sales Effects of Attention to Feature Advertisements: A Bayesian Mediation Analysis,” Journal of Marketing Research, 46(5),669-681.


Tanner, Robin J., Rosellina Ferraro, Tanya L. Chartrand, James R. Bettman, and Rick B. van Baaren (2008), “Of Chameleons and Consumption: The Impact of Mimicry on Choices and Preferences,” Journal of Consumer Research, 34(6), 754-766.

Bhardwaj, Pradeep, Yuxin Chen and David Godes (2008), “Buyer-Initiated vs. Seller-Initiated Information Revelation,” Management Science, June 54.

Hamilton, Rebecca and Joydeep Srivastava (2008), “When 2+2 is Not the Same as 1+3: Variations in Price Sensitivity Across Components of Partitioned Prices,” Journal of Marketing Research, Aug 45(4).

Luo, Lan, P.K. Kannan, and Brian Ratchford (2008), “Incorporating Subjective Characteristics in Product Design and Evaluations,” Journal of Marketing Research, May 45(2).

** Donald Lehmann Award, 2009, for the best dissertation-based article in JMR or JM.
** Finalist for the Paul Green Award for the year 2008.

van der Lans, Ralf, Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel (2008), “Eye Movement Analysis of Search Effectiveness,” Journal of the American Statistical Association, 103(482), 452-461.

van der Lans, Ralf, Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel (2008), “Competitive Brand Salience,” Marketing Science, 45(5).

Wedel, Michel and Feary Adiguzel (2008), “Split Questionnaire Design for Massive Surveys,” Journal of Marketing Research, 25(5), 608-617. 


Editorships & Editorial Review Board Memberships

Rebecca Hamilton
Associate Editor: Journal of Consumer Research
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Interactive Marketing

P.K. Kannan 
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Marketing; Marketing Science; Journal of Academy of Marketing Science; Journal of Service Research; International Journal of Electronic Commerce

Amna Kirmani
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Marketing; Journal of Marketing Research; Journal of Interactive Marketing; Journal of Consumer PsychologyJournal of Social Influence

Wendy Moe
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Marketing; Journal of Interactive Marketing

Rebecca Ratner
Associate Editor: Journal of Consumer Research
Editorial Review Boards: Marketing Research; Journal of Economic Psychology

Roland Rust 
Senior Editor: Production and Operations Management
Associate Editor: Journal of Marketing Research
Founding Editor: Journal of Service Research 
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Service Research
Editorial Policy Board: Journal of Consumer Research
Former Editor: Journal of Marketing

Joydeep Srivastava
Editorial Review Board: Journal of Marketing

Janet Wagner
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of RetailingJournal of Service Research

Michel Wedel
Area Editor: Journal of Marketing Research; Marketing Science
Editorial Review Boards: Journal of MarketingJournal of Classification; Quantitative Marketing and Economics; International Journal of Research in Marketing
American Statistical Association's representative to the Journal of Consumer Research Policy Board

Jie Zhang
Editorial Review Board: Journal of Marketing

Faculty Awards

The faculty of the Smith Marketing Department continue to receive honors and awards for their research and contributions to academia in the field of marketing.  These are highlights of major awards received by our faculty. 

Roland Rust is the winner of the 2012 American Marketing Association/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award. The award honors living marketing educators for distinguished service and outstanding contributions in marketing education. The multiple criteria for the award include general creativity/innovativeness, administrative contributions, teaching and mentoring, public service, research contributions and service to the marketing profession, with sustained contributions over extended period of time. The award was presented at the AMA’s 2012 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference at St. Petersburg, Florida in February 2012. Previous recipients include Phil Kotler, Frank Bass, Don Lehmann, Gilbert Churchill, Don Morrison, Jim Bettman, Gary Lilien and Russ Winer.

Roland Rust has been selected as one of the winners of the 2012 Paul Converse Award. The award sponsored by AMA is granted to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to marketing scholarship and acknowledges their enduring contributions to marketing through one or more journal articles, books, or a body of work.. The American Marketing Association initially established the Award in 1946. A jury of scholars from university, business or government makes the selection of award recipients, first by nominating the work for consideration, and then rating the contributions. The awards will be bestowed over a weekend-long symposium in Spring 2012, which includes presentations by the winners and a discussion of the winner’s contribution to be led by a discussant.

Michael Trusov along with his co-authors (Anand Bodapati and Randy Bucklin from UCLA) won the Donald R. Lehmann Award, 2011, awarded by the American Marketing Association Marketing Research SIG for the best dissertation-based research paper published in the Journal of Marketing or the Journal of Marketing Research for the article "Determining Influential Users in Internet Social Networks" which appeared in the August 2010 (Volume 47, Number 4) issue of JMR.

Yogesh Joshi and Bill Rand's proposal to MSI entitled “Building the B[r]and: Using Social Media to Drive Customer Engagement and Sales,” was among the winners of the MSI research proposal competition, “The Challenges of Communication and Branding in a Digital Era.”  Louiqa Raschid of Smith's DO&IT Department was a co-author on this proposal.

David Godes received a prestigious award at the Marketing Science Conference in Houston. His paper "Using online conversations to study word-of-mouth communication" with Dina Mayzlin (published in Marketing Science in Fall 2004 issue) won the ISMS Long Term Impact Award for a paper published in the five-year period 2001-2005.

Rebecca Hamilton has won the 2011 AMA Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor. The award, instituted in honor of Professor Erin Anderson (INSEAD), is given annually at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference to a female marketing professor who has made significant research contributions in terms of publications in leading journals, and working papers under review. The recipient should also have made teaching and service contributions to her department.  

Michael Trusov along with his co-authors (Anand Bodapati and Randy Bucklin from UCLA) has been selected as a recipient of the 2011 Paul E. Green Award for their article “Determining Influential Users in Internet Social Networks,” which appeared in the August 2010 (Volume 47, Number 4) issue of Journal of Marketing Research. This award is presented to the best paper published in a calendar year in JMR and is determined on the basis of JMR editorial board members input.

Rosellina Ferraro and Yogesh Joshi were named 2011 MSI Young Scholars.  Two other Smith Marketing PhD alums (Lan Luo and Debora Thompson) were in this distinguished group.

Roland Rust was named a Fellow of the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science, "in recognition of his significant contributions in research, education and service to the Society of Marketing Science's efforts to improve the understanding and practice of marketing." He is one of the first 16 people to be named Fellow by the Society for Marketing Science.

Roland Rust was awarded the Mahajan Award for Lifetime Contribution to Marketing Strategy Research by the American Marketing Association's Marketing Strategy Special Interest Group. He is the 11th recipient of the award.

Wendy Moe has won the 2010 AMA Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor. The award, instituted in honor of Professor Erin Anderson (INSEAD), is given annually at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference to a female marketing professor who has made significant research contributions in terms of publications in leading journals, and working papers under review. The recipient should also have made teaching and service contributions to her department.

Rosellina Ferraro received an Honorable Mention for the 2009 Ferber Award for her paper "The Power of Strangers: The Effect of Incidental Consumer-Brand Encounters on Brand Choice," with James R. Bettman, and Tanya L. Chartrand.  The Robert Ferber Award competition is held annually in honor of one of the founders and the second editor of the Journal of Consumer Research. The award is given to the best interdisciplinary dissertation article published in the latest volume of JCR. 

Jie Zhang and Michel Wedel's paper “The Effectiveness of Customized Promotions in Online and Offline Stores” (Journal of Marketing Research April 2009), was a finalist for the Paul Green Award for the article published in 2009 with the most potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research

Roland Rust and Rebecca Hamilton's paper "Feature Fatigue: When Product Capabilities Become Too Much of a Good Thing," was a Finalist for the 2010 William O’Dell Award. The award recognizes the article that “has made the most significant, long-run contribution to marketing theory, and/or methodology, and/or practice,” for their article in the November 2005 Journal of Marketing Research. The award winner is chosen by the Journal of Marketing Research’s Editorial Review Board.

Roland Rust won the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award, 2010, for the JM article with the greatest long-term impact for his article "Return on Marketing: Using Customer Equity to Focus Marketing Strategy" (with Kay Lemon and Valarie Zeithaml).

Michael Trusov's article “Effects of Word-of-Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing: Findings from an Internet Social Networking Site” (with Randolph E. Bucklin, & Koen Pauwels) (September 2009) was the runner-up for the 2010 Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award. This same paper was also a finalist for the 2009 Harold H. Maynard Award.

P.K. Kannan won the Donald R. Lehmann Award, 2009, (co-author and dissertation chair), awarded by the American Marketing Association Marketing Research SIG for the Best Dissertation-Based Research Article in JMR or JM for the April 2008 Journal of Marketing Research article, "Incorporating Subjective Characteristics in Product Design and Evaluations," (with Lan Luo and Brian Ratchford). Kannan's co-authors were Lan Luo, a former PhD student at Smith, and Brian Ratchford, a former Marketing faculty member at Smith.

P.K. Kannan won the John D.C. Little Award for co-authoring the paper "New Product Development Under Channel Acceptance", Marketing Science, Lead Article, Vol. 26, No. 2, p. 149-163. This prestigious award is given annually for the best paper published in either the Marketing Science or Management Science journals and is named after John D.C. Little, a professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management who is widely recognized as a founder of marketing science. The John D.C. Little Award is the highest honor given by the College on Marketing of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

Michel Wedel won the Gilbert A. Churchill Award for lifetime achievement in the academic study of Marketing Research. This award is given by the Marketing Research Special Interests Group of the American Marketing Association.

Roland Rust was named a Distinguished University Professor. He is the only Smith School professor ever to achieve that recognition at the University of Maryland.

P.K. Kannan and his co-authors, Barbara Kline Pope and Sanjay Jain, won the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Practice Prize for their work "Pricing Digital Products: A Model and Application for National Academy Press."

Roland Rust won the Best Article Award from the Journal of Service Research for his article, "The Path to Customer Centricity" (with Denish Shah, A. Parasuraman, George Day and Rick Staelin).

Corporate Sponsors

There is a recruiting war for people who have solid training to make sense of big data. Smith School’s brilliant masters’ students have a brain for math, finesse with computers and the eyes of a marketer. Most of all, they have an intense curiosity to analyze what’s behind data. The Smith School recruits top-notch talent with quantitative and technical skills and teaches them how to apply those skills to today’s marketing problems.

To help students apply lessons from the classroom to real-life business problems, the M.S. in Marketing Analytics program at the Robert H. Smith School of business is partnering with industry leaders. In addition to supporting scholarships for the most promising students, your partnership can:

  • Help frame the educational program and provide your company with the opportunity to have student teams work on projects centered around your needs.
  • Give you the opportunity to network, shape, and hire top graduates from the program.
  • Connect you with world-class faculty known for its research in customer analysis, marketing models and online analytics and data.

To inquire about partnership opportunities with the Master of Science in Business for Marketing Analytics, please contact Professor Wendy Moe, Director of the M.S. in Marketing Analytics program and Associate Professor of Marketing, via e-mail.

Corporate Advisory Board

George Assimakopoulos

George Assimakopoulos

EyeTraffic Media, LLC
Managing Director

Current Roles & Responsibilities: 

George Assimakopoulos is an accomplished marketing professional offering over a decade of Interactive Marketing experience to various industry businesses and organizations. In 2003, George co-founded EyeTraffic Media, LLC - a consulting services firm that provides strategic direction and program management of interactive marketing initiatives as part of an integrated advertising approach. Companies such as Pfizer, Harvard Business School Publishing, Mazda USA, and Chevron have partnered with EyeTraffic Media to support their search marketing efforts, online media buying, mobile and viral marketing campaigns, as well as other integrated lead generation programs.

Prior to starting EyeTraffic Media, George served as Director of Client Services at PROXICOM, Inc. where he managed the implementation of marketing, branding, and commerce programs through the Internet. At Proxicom, George was an integral part for several strategic web engagements to Fortune 500 companies, including: ExxonMobil, NIKE, Merrill Lynch, Chase Bank, DuPont Company, Toyota USA, Marriott Corporation, and Home Box Office (HBO).

George is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on topics for Internet marketing, branding strategies and emerging media. In addition, he regularly teaches classes at the University of Maryland, The American University, and The University of Virginia on topics of Interactive and Integrated Marketing.


BS:        University of Maryland, College Park
MBA:     American University 

Gaurav Bhalla

Gaurav Bhalla, Ph.D.

Knowledge Kinetics

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Gaurav Bhalla is a strategy, innovation, and marketing professional with global experience, having worked on three continents and with companies in over 20 countries. Since the mid-70's, he has been associated with the business world as a consultant, executive, entrepreneur, and academic/executive educator.

Dr. Bhalla recently launched Knowledge Kinetics, a new entrepreneurial venture. The company focuses on the practice of customer-driven innovation and value co-creation. The goal is to provoke deeper thinking and more rigorous execution of initiatives related to innovation and business growth, through a mix of consulting, executive education, and research/analysis.

Gaurav previously was the Global Innovation Director, at Kantar-TNS, one of the world's largest market information and insight companies. Additionally, he held positions in corporate strategy, brand management, sales management, and market research at companies such as Nestle, Richardson Vicks, and Burke.

Gaurav has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squib, Amgen, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, HP, Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, Samsung, Hughes Electronics, Seiko Epson, Coca Cola, P&G, Heinz, Capital One, Wachovia, and NASDAQ.

Dr. Bhalla has published research papers in leading technical journals dedicated to marketing, marketing research and statistics, and has presented before professional and academic societies in the USA and abroad. Dr. Bhalla has also served as an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business.

BA:       Delhi University
MBA:     Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
PhD:      University of Kansas

Jeb BrownJeb Brown

Managing Director
RHI Executive Search

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Jeb Brown is a Managing Director specializing in executive and senior level searches in general management, financial management, business development, and sales and marketing, particularly within the fields of professional services, marketing and communications services, consumer marketing, higher education, real estate, telecommunications, and government contracting.  As a former Chief Executive Officer, Jeb has extensive experience in consumer and business-to-business marketing, communications, professional services, and general management in the areas of strategic planning, business development, human capital management, and operations.

Jeb has more than 30 years of business and management experience. He has an extensive background in building successful senior management teams and a record of achieving strategic growth and profit objectives. For much of his career, Jeb built a small advertising agency into the country's largest privately held marketing communications firm, with 13 offices in the U.S. and abroad, more than 1,000 employees, and $1 billion in billings. Since he sold his firm, Jeb has been involved as founder, CEO, advisor, or Board member with a variety of entrepreneurial companies in advertising, film production, health care, defense contracting, telecommunications, residential construction, and real estate development.

Jeb's corporate experience, as a CEO, business owner, manager, and entrepreneur, combined with his education and client experience with large and small companies, gives him a unique understanding of the challenges of building and managing a company, developing the right organizational climate and talent mix, and meeting growth and profit goals. Jeb knows what it takes to run an organization and how to attract the right leadership team and uses this extensive experience and knowledge to support his clients. 

Jeb is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Williams School of Business at Washington and Lee University, a lifetime member of the World Presidents Organization, and a Board Member of a private defense contractor. Jeb has previously been on the Boards of various business, charitable, educational, artistic, and professional organizations. 


BA:      Washington and Lee University
MBA:    Harvard University

Rory ChannerRory Channer

Head of Marketing
Corporate Executive Board

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Rory has served as CEB’s Head of Marketing since January 2010 and has been working at CEB for over 5 years. Prior to assuming the role of Head of Marketing, Rory successfully lead large sales and account teams across multiple practice areas and geographies. He delivered “Chariman’s Club” level performance in his last sales leader role with the Sales, Marketing, and Communications Practice.

Before joining CEB, Rory was the East Coast Regional Sales Director for Business Genetics, a niche consulting and training company. He was based in New York City where he was responsible for overall sales and account management for the Eastern Region. He was Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Portrait Software, an international CRM software company that specializes in solutions for the Financial Services Sector. During his time at Portrait Software he was responsible for driving North American commercial performance including running the North American partnership program. He spent 7 years at Portrait, 4 of those in the UK. His earlier career included two years in a leadership development program for the big Utility - Thames Water, a stint as an industrial Psychologist for the British Government and working in Human Resources at LIFFE, the London Futures and Options Trading Exchange.

Rory holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Hull in the UK where he was awarded the University Honors Prize for Psychology. He has postgraduate qualifications in Industrial Psychology, Psychometrics, Counseling Psychology and Leadership Coaching from Hull, Regents College, London and George Washington University in DC. He and his wife reside in Virginia with their two sons.


BA:                 University of Hull, UK
Postgraduate: University of Hull, UK, Regents College, London, George Washington University 

Charles ColbyCharles Colby

Rockbridge Associates, Inc.

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Charles Colby is the Founder and President of Rockbridge Associates, Inc., a market research firm that specializes in the services and technology sectors. Over the past 25+ years, he has consulted for numerous Fortune 500s, government agencies and non-profits on marketing strategy, service quality and e-service implementation. He has contributed extensively to the body of knowledge on technology adoption, having authored a book, Techno-Ready Marketing, numerous articles and presentations. He is a senior fellow at the Center for Excellence in Service at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. Prior to founding Rockbridge in 1992, he held positions at Opinion Research Corporation, Citigroup and Westat.


MBA:    University of Maryland, College Park - Smith School of Business

Roger ConnerRoger Conner

Director of Communications
Catholic Charities USA

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Roger Conner retired from Marriott International after more than 25 years in marketing communications with Marriott, most recently as a Vice President focusing on their branding initiatives and their market and corporate communications. After his retirement he was quickly tapped by Catholic Charities USA to take on their marketing and corporate communications. Catholic Charities USA is a primary provider of disaster response, adoption and immigration services for the poor and marginalized members of our society. Roger works on new communications strategies to advance the “Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America” and position the organization’s president as one of the primary spokespersons in the country on the issue of poverty.

 At Marriott Roger was responsible for the development of the “portfolio of brands” communications strategy and execution for the J.W. Marriott, Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard, Residence Inn, and other Marriott brands. He managed the company’s crisis communications strategy, and has taken that skill to Catholic Charities USA. 

A graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications, he is an active member of the school’s Advisory Board and other initiatives at Syracuse. Roger has taught marketing courses for the Smith School of Business and is a member of the Marketing Corporate Advisory Board. Roger’s wife is a former national and world figure skating champion/competitor, and she is the current senior figure skating professional at Chevy Chase Club.


BA:    Syracuse University

Matt DeFoeMatthew H. DeFeo

Techtronic Industries, Inc.
Vice President Sales, Training and Recruiting

Current Roles & Responsibilities: 

Matt DeFeo is the Vice President of Sales, Training and Recruiting for Techtronic Industries, a world leader in home improvement power tools.  He has been with Techtronic Industries for more than three years.  Prior to that position, Matt worked for Black & Decker for 15 years in the sales field, then marketing and finally in the training area. Matt holds a BS in Business and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.  In his spare time Matt enjoys spending time with him family, coaching baseball and soccer and sport fishing. 


BA:      Northeastern University
MBA:    Northeastern University

Nancy Kaplan

Nancy Kaplan

SECOR Group Consulting

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Nancy Kaplan is a leading consultant to executives at Fortune 500 companies. Nancy focuses on strategic initiatives and major enterprise transformations to help clients adapt to rapidly changing markets. Her work includes defining new business models and offers, and developing the strategic alignment, organizational and cultural imperatives, governance models, and processes to enable them. Strategic marketing, customer engagement, digital and social media strategies, and product and service innovation highlight much of her work.

Nancy is a Partner at SECOR Group Consulting, a 35-year old, leading international strategy firm, where she leads the Communications, Media and Entertainment Practice and the Digital Media Strategies Practice.  Nancy’s point of view is frequently sought by the media, including interviews with the BBC (live), Business Week, Forbes, The Washington Post, The Economist, Telephony, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Deal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, and IT Radio Network. 


BA:   Yale University
MBA: Stanford University

Timothy KeininghamTimothy Keiningham

Ipsos Loyalty
Senior Vice President & Head of Consulting

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Timothy L. Keiningham is Global Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President for Ipsos Loyalty. Tim is a recognized authority in the areas of service marketing and linking service improvement efforts to the bottom-line. A prolific writer, Tim has several books to his credit. His most recent book, Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strategies that Will Put You Out of Business – And Proven Tactics that Really Work, by John Wiley and Sons, exposes the fallacies of most of the conventional wisdom surrounding customer loyalty. The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) counted Loyalty Myths as the Number 4 best business book of the year; Soundview Executive Book Summaries chose Loyalty Myths as one of the 30 best business books of 2006; and it is a 2007 finalist for the Berry-AMA Book Prize for Best Book in Marketing. 

Tim is co-author of the book The Customer Delight Principle: Exceeding Customers’ Expectations for Bottom-Line Success, © 2001 by McGraw Hill. He is co-author of the book Return on Quality: Measuring the Financial Impact of Your Company's Quest for Quality, © 1994 by Irwin Professional Publishing. He is also co-author of the book Service Marketing and is co-editor of the book Readings in Service Marketing, both © 1996 by HarperCollins.

Tim’s article, “Return on Quality: Making Service Quality Financially Accountable,” (with Roland Rust and Anthony Zahorik) was selected as one of the “Top 20” marketing science papers written within the past 25 years by INFORMS Society for Marketing Science. His article, “The Brand-Customer Connection,” (with Lerzan Aksoy, Tiffany Perkins-Munn and Terry G. Vavra) was awarded the Citations of Excellence “Top 50” award (top 50 management papers of approximately 20,000 papers reviewed) from Emerald Management Reviews. Tim was twice awarded the Marketing Science Institute - H. Paul Root Award (formerly the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation Award) from the American Marketing Association / Journal of Marketing for the article judged by the editorial review board to represent “the most significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of marketing” (the first award was with Roland Rust and Anthony Zahorik; the second award was with Bruce Cooil, Tor Wallin Andreassen and Lerzan Aksoy). Tim received the Excellence in Service Research Award (with Tiffany Perkins-Munn and Heather Evans) for the best paper to appear in the Journal of Service Research. Tim was awarded the Outstanding Paper Award (Best Paper) from Managing Service Quality twice (the first award was with Lerzan Aksoy, Bruce Cooil, Ken Peterson, and Terry Vavra; the second award was with Bruce Cooil, Lerzan Aksoy, Tor Wallin Andreassen, and Jay Weiner). Additionally, a paper he co-authored was a finalist for best paper in Managing Service Quality, while one more was a finalist for Highly Commended paper in Managing Service Quality. Tim also has received the 2006 best reviewer award from the Journal of Service Research.

His articles have been accepted for publication in such journals as Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Relationship Marketing, International Journal of Service Industry Management, Interfaces, Marketing Management, Managing Service Quality, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Financial Executive, Journal of Retail Banking, and American Banker. Tim also serves on the advisory board of the Journal of Relationship Marketing, and on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Service Research, and International Journal of Service Industry Management. 


BA:     Kentucky Wesleyan College
MBA:  Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

Mark KoepsellMark Koepsell

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Mark Koepsell, senior vice president of new business development, has been a leader in the development of CORT’s Rental Relocation Services. He joined CORT in 1988 as the national accounts manager. During his tenure, Mark has been responsible for developing CORT’s National Accounts, Federal Sales and Global Furniture Rental teams. Mark first became involved in 1988 with the Employee Relocation Council, an association of professionals who oversee, manage and support U.S. domestic and international employee transfer. Mark was among the first to receive the association’s Certified Relocation Professional designation in 1991. A graduate with both a bachelor of science and an MBA in finance from the University of Maryland, Mark continues to be involved with the University as a senior mentor with the Smith Graduate School of Business. 


BS:    University of Maryland, College Park
MBA: University of Maryland, College Park - Smith School of Business

Suzanne LoweSuzanne Lowe

Expertise Marketing, LLC

Current Roles & Responsibilities: 

Suzanne Lowe is a highly regarded analyst, consultant, author and speaker on professional services marketing and management. She advises C-suite leaders about their firm’s growth strategies. She is the author of two books on how professional firms can organize to compete more effectively

Before founding Expertise Marketing in 1996, Ms. Lowe spent more than a decade leading the marketing programs for top-tier management consulting and business-to-business organizations. Before that, she spent more than a decade managing and implementing strategies for political candidates and organizations. 

Her widely disseminated research initiatives on strategic marketing perceptions, practices and performance of professional service firms around the globe contain data from thousands of firms, and are the basis for her books Marketplace Masters: How Professional Service Firms Compete to Win (Praeger, 2004) and The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos -- Once and For All -- in Professional Service Firms (Professional Services Books, 2009). She has also published an on-line newsletter, The Marketplace Master™ and a blog, The Expertise Marketplace™. 

Lowe speaks for leading trade associations and in-house audiences, and has written for premier publications, including the Harvard Business Review, and BusinessWeek, Marketing Management magazine and the new textbook Essentials of Services Marketing. 


BA:    Duke University 

Cheryl Max

Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Juniper Networks

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Cheryl Max has had 20 year career in global marketing. She joined at Juniper in 2012 to design and implement marketing's transition to a fully automated system integrating multiple platforms and technologies and driving skills enhancements. Specifically: developing Juniper's Demand Center which includes the platform acceleration of Eloqua, Accadia,, and data management to drive optimized campaign performance and revenue generation; developed a marketing certification program to drive skills and capabilities across the global marketing function, devising a long term marketing and labor strategy; developing campaign structure and discipline and leading supplier strategies. Prior to joining Juniper, Cheryl worked at TNS Research as the SVP of Marketing North America and previous to that at IBM where she held the role of Global Director, Marketing Cheryl holds a BA from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Thunderbird - the Garvin Graduate School of Business. Cheryl also guest lectures at business schools, bringing to her business experiences into business case studies. 


BS:    University of Toronto
MBA:  Thunderbird - The Garvin Graduate School of Business

Barbara Kline PopeBarbara Kline Pope

The National Academies
Executive Director of the National Academies Press and Executive Director of Communications

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Ms. Pope is Executive Director of the National Academies Press and Executive Director of Communications for The National Academies. She is responsible for an innovative and dynamic publishing operation of both scholarly and trade books that have been available on the Web free to read since 1995.

Branding, marketing research, derivative products, and social marketing projects occupy her time as executive director for communications. Research articles she has authored or co-authored revolve around the discipline of consumer behavior and include specific projects on business models for the digital publishing arena and the use of information sources among organizational buyers. 

She has been guest lecturer for marketing and technology courses at the University of Maryland and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Virginia’s continuing education program. She is on the board of directors of Hands On Science Outreach, a nonprofit organization that provides high quality after school science programs for children. 


BS:   Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MS:  University of Maryland, College Park

David N. TownshendDavid N. Townshend

Marriott International 
Senior Vice President, Global Sales - The Americas

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Mr. Townshend is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Marriott International. His markets are located throughout America with annual sales of approximately $3.5 billion.

During Mr. Townshend’s years with Marriott International, he has gained both sales and marketing experience through many different positions including Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Director of Sales and Marketing of the JW Marriott in Washington DC. He has also held the titles of Regional Director, National Director and Vice President of Alliance Accounts with Marriott International. Mr. Townshend has a Business Administration degree from the University of Denver with a concentration in Hotel and Restaurant Management.


B.A.   University of Denver

Susan VanderverSusan Vanderver

Marriott International
Senior Director, Lodging and Quality Assurance

Current Roles and Responsibilities:

Susan Vanderver is Senior Director, Lodging Quality Assurance, for Marriott International at the company’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. She focuses on information management for the quality assurance audit program and customer satisfaction program, which measure product and service quality at hotels worldwide. Marriott’s quality assurance program is a key component of its global operations. Susan has worked in Quality Assurance since 1999, when she helped design and develop Marriott’s centralized multi-brand quality and property performance management programs.

Susan’s information technology background has enabled her to successfully implement systems and process improvements throughout her career. Prior responsibilities at Marriott include systems representative for brand management, Y2K, data warehousing and business intelligence, and retail systems. She was employed as an IBM Systems Engineer for large national accounts before joining Marriott. 


BS:    Ohio State University
MBA:  Georgetown University

Tony ZahorikTony Zahorik, Ph.D.

The Burke Institute
Vice President

Current Roles & Responsibilities:

Dr. Zahorik is a vice president of the Burke Institute, the world’s premier provider of executive seminars on marketing research, and a service of Burke, Inc. of Cincinnati.

He is responsible for conducting seminars on various aspects of marketing research methodology as well as specific applications of quantitative methods in marketing research, such as customer satisfaction measurement, advertising testing, and market segmentation. He has taught seminars for corporations in over 25 foreign countries. In addition to his role as a seminar leader, he has worked as a marketing consultant to a variety of industries including telecommunications, banking, hospitality, book publishing, advertising, construction equipment, food processing, airlines, oil drilling, pharmaceuticals, and for the U.S. Government. 

Before joining Burke Institute, he served for twelve years as a member of the marketing faculty of Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management, where he taught courses and executive seminars on marketing management, marketing planning, measuring advertising effectiveness, and managing customer satisfaction. In addition to teaching at Vanderbilt, Dr. Zahorik served as the assistant dean of the Owen School and has been a mathematics professor at Ithaca College and a member of the faculty of Cornell University's graduate school of management. Throughout his career he has been acclaimed for his ability to teach technical subjects to both technically and non-technically oriented students. As a member of the marketing faculty at Vanderbilt, he won every teaching award offered by the Owen School. 

Dr. Zahorik has done extensive consulting, research and publication in the area of customer service, customer satisfaction and the impact of service quality programs on corporate profits. He is the coauthor of two books on these topics, Return on Quality: Measuring the Financial Impact of Your Company's Quest for Quality and Service Marketing. His co-authored article on return on quality published in the Journal of Marketing and won the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation Award for "the most significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of marketing", and in 2007 was recognized by INFORMS Society for Marketing Science as one of the top 20 most influential articles of the past 25 years. The selection was made by marketing practitioners, who chose the 20 most influential articles from the 100 most-cited articles of the last 25 years.

He is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Service Research and the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Marketing and reviews articles for other academic publications. He has also published articles in numerous publications, including Management Science, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Healthcare Marketing, and the Journal of Retailing and has presented papers at many professional meetings and conferences in the U.S. and in England. Dr. Zahorik is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of the Department of Marketing of the Robert H. Smith School of Business of the University of Maryland.


MA:      University of Illinois
MBA:    Cornell University
Ph.D.:   Cornell University 

Corporate Outreach

The Marketing Department at the Smith School has an ongoing partnership with companies -- both large and small, in the Washington metropolitan area.  From hiring undergraduate summer interns to asking for guidance from the Center for Excellence in Service, businesses are eager to work with Smith's  Marketing faculty. 

The Corporate Advisory Board is a group of executives from companies -- again, large to small, who are committed to working with the Marketing Department.  They may be invited to speak to a class on the nature of their business, or they may hire our undergraduate and MBA alums. 

To inquire about establishing a short-term or long-term partnership with the Marketing Department, contact Professor P.K. Kannan, Chair of the Marketing Department.  If you have a project with which you would like advice from some of our outstanding MBA students, contact Professor Janet Wagner, Director of the Center for Excellence in Service.   

For questions in general about the Marketing Department, contact Carol Cron by e-mail or by phone at 301-405-8149. 

Student Accomplishments

Smith Students Wins First Place at the 2013 Wake Forest Marketing Summit Competition

Case competitions are always stressful. It’s difficult for groups of students to coordinate and cooperate to complete a task within a certain deadline. However, four undergraduates from the Robert H. Smith School of Business managed to work well under pressure and took part in the Wake Forest Marketing Summit, a case competition held annually at Wake Forest University.  After a weekend of intense competition and a final presentation to the case sponsor, FedEx, the students returned with a first place trophy and $10,000.

The winning team members included Manas Kulkarni ’13, marketing and operations management, Lauren Wittig ’13, marketing and supply chain management, Lindsay Djuhadi, senior, marketing and Jack Rupple, junior, marketing.  Fortunately, this wasn’t their first time working together. They are all active members of terpAMA, and have previously worked together managing the student club.

Smith School undergraduates have applied and attended the Marketing Summit for six years. It’s truly an honor to take part in this competition, which attracts top business programs from around the world.  The finalists included teams from Northeastern University, Wharton, Boston College and Wake Forest University.  Although participants are not allowed to disclose the content of the case, FedEx Marketing Manager, Sandy Jones told the Smith team she was excited to take their suggestions to FedEx and hopes they can be implemented.

As first place winners, the Smith School automatically has an invitation to return to the Summit in 2014. Although details are unknown, it’s obvious that a great team will have to return to defend their title!


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