Yuechen Wu

Yuechen Wu began the program in Fall 2014. Her research includes consumer behavior, decision making, scarcity, persuasion knowledge, and social exclusion. 

Xian Gu

Xian Gu started the program in Fall 2014. Her research interests are quantitative modelling and mobile marketing.  Xian has presented her work with Professor P. K. Kannan, Multi-Channel Attributions using Generalized Transfer Entropy Metrics, on the 2015 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum. 

Min Kim

Min Kim began in Fall 2015. His research interests include price discrimination, two-sided market, and discrete choice models.

How to Deal With That Irate Tweeting Customer

Twitter can be a brutal world for customer-service workers, since complaints get aired not just with great vitriol but also very publicly. All companies take virtual punches to the gut, and they have to decide how to respond.  "I am so sick of @ATT not working!" "Sitting on the Tarmac at DFW waiting for a gate! Late again #americanairlines." New research from Smith School professor Liye Ma finds that intervening to help people who complain on Twitter is a double-edged sword. It improves the relationship with the firm but also makes that person more likely to complain in the future. Read more...


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