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Sep 03, 2007

$21-Million Van Munching Hall Addition Nears Completion

Sep 01, 2007

Research by Wolfgang Jank and Galit Shmueli

Sep 01, 2007

Research by Rebecca Hamilton

Direct experiences with products helps customers choose the products with which they will be most satisfied in the long run.

Sep 01, 2007

Research by Larry Gordon and Martin Loeb

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has caused an increase in the voluntary disclosure of firms’ information security activities.

Sep 01, 2007

Remember what it was like to buy a plane ticket in the old days? You told the travel agent where you were going, when you wanted to leave and when you wanted to come home, and the agent told you how much your ticket would cost. Period. If you want to purchase a plane ticket today, you are faced with a vast plethora of choices, and an equally vast plethora of prices.


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