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Jul 20, 2016
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Startup founders looking for customers eventually run out of friends and relatives. "Once they get past that first handful of contacts, they don’t know how to get in front of the market in a bigger way," says Liz Sara, founder of consulting firm Best Marketing. She shares three keys to success in episode 4 of Bootstrapped, a Smith School podcast series. Read

Jul 20, 2016

Netflix stock plummeted about 16 percent earlier this week upon word of a second-quarter shortfall of about 800,000 new subscribers internationally. The developments followed a monthly rate increase from $7.99 to $9.99, initially for new customers and now for all renewing subscribers. Despite the growing pains, Smith School professor P.K. Kannan projects a bright future for the streaming content industry.

Jul 19, 2016
World Class Faculty & Research

Told big bank failure would trigger a flood of bankruptcies and economic calamity, U.S. taxpayers collectively paid billions of dollars to bail out large institutions from the 2008 financial crisis. Despite passing Dodd-Frank legislation to mitigate a future bailout, Congress is on the verge of amending the U.S. bankruptcy code to make bankruptcy feasible for larger banks — more so than when Lehman Brothers’s 2008 bankruptcy

Jul 15, 2016
Experiential / Reality-based Learning

In this edition, Margarita Douglas, MBA Candidate 2017, lets us in on what it's like to work as a sales strategy intern at PepsiCo in White Plains, NY.

Jul 14, 2016
World Class Faculty & Research

Stock prices are setting new records but could easily charge much higher, says Smith School economist Peter Morici. “The U.S. economy is growing again — about 2.5 percent in the second quarter and going forward — and corporate profits are rising again.” Post-Brexit, the dollar strengthened against foreign currencies, “but overall it remains well below levels recorded earlier this year and last,”


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