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Dec 22, 2005
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Prepared by
Noah Kaufman, MBA Candidate 2006

Welcome to the Graduates, faculty, family and friends.

I want to sincerely congratulate all of the graduates. I know it has been an extremely long one and a half, two, two and half, three or more years of school. The group projects with never ending (interminimal) meetings on Saturday mornings and late nights. The challenging homework problems and practice sets. The difficult exams.

Not only have you worked so hard in school, but you have balanced the rigors of school with the responsibilities of work and other activities. Most of you had a demanding, full-time professional job. You had to run from work after an 8/9/10 hour day to a class, or go to class on the weekend after working a difficult week. Or you had to quickly do work during the workday, hopefully when no one was looking. I remember working on a project due that day, and saw the client go to my office. I quickly covered the project, hoping the client did not see. Of course, I did not bill the time.

Our friends and family have helped us through your endeavors. It has been said that not only does a student get a Masters, but the whole family goes to school. I want to sincerely thank all of the family and friends in the audience this evening. You have stood by your husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter, son, and friend. You family and friend had to make huge sacrifices of his or her time; Mommy could not tuck you in bed because she was in class, Dad could not attend your soccer game because he was in class on Saturday. Your son or daughter couldn't
return the phone call for weeks. I know it has been difficult, and sometimes, it seems that your friend has fallen off the face of the planet. Yet, here you are, still married (I hope), still friends, still close. Thank you so much for your patience and you have shown the past few years.

And now, all the work, all the effort, is over! Life will be easier after this. Like atlas, the world on
the back has been lifted from you. No more tests. No more projects. I also hope that you can remain active with Maryland and help support future classes, supporting the school, and joining the mentor program to help other students.

Congratulations again.

Winter 2005 Commencement Highlights

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