Vijaya Venkataramani

Assistant Professor

Management & Organization
4544 Van Munching Hall
Ph.D., Purdue University

Vijaya Venkataramani is an Assistant Professor of Management & Organization at the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Professor Venkataramani’s primary research focuses on how employees form social networks in their organizations and how these networks exert social influence on employee attitudes and behaviors. As a specific area of interest, her recent research aims at understanding how such social influences can introduce biases in employees’ cognitive processes in making evaluations about the organization. She is also interested in studying how leaders can use their network connections in benefiting their employees. 

Vijaya received her Ph.D. in organizational behavior and human resources from Purdue University. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked in India as a human resources manager. 

Selected Publications

Tangirala, S., Kamdar, D., Venkataramani, V., & Parke, M. (Forthcoming). Doing Right versus Getting Ahead: The Effects of Duty and Achievement Dimensions of Conscientiousness on Change-oriented Behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Venkataramani, V. & Labianca, G, L., & Grosser, T (Forthcoming). Positive and Negative Workplace Relationships, Social Satisfaction, and Organizational Attachment. In press at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Venkataramani, V., Green, S.G., & Schleicher, D.J. Well-Connected Leaders (2010). The impact of the leader’s social network ties on LMX and Member Attitudes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 95(6), 1071-1084.

Venkataramani, V., & Tangirala, S. (2010). When and Why Do Central Employees Speak Up? An Examination of Mediating and Moderating Variables. Journal of Applied Psychology, 95, 582-591.

Venkataramani, V. & Dalal, R.S. (2007). Who Helps and Harms Whom? Relational antecedents of interpersonal helping and harming in organizations.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 952-966.

Schleicher, D.J., Venkataramani, V., Morgeson, F., & Campion, M.A. (2006). So you didn’t get the job: Now what do you think? Examining opportunity-to-perform fairness perceptions. Personnel Psychology, 59, 559-590. 

Schleicher, D.J., & Venkataramani, V. (2007). Rating errors and perceptual biases. In S. Rogelberg (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 2, pp. 660-663.  Sage Publications.


Primary Research Areas 

  • Social Influence
  • Creativity
  • Social Networks
  • Organizational Fairness
  • Leadership