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Student Testimonials

What our current and recent students say about the program   

“Come to Maryland if you want to do rigorous, interdisciplinary work. The faculty have backgrounds in economics, sociology, history, and political science. This type of diversity is unique”      Seth Carnahan


“The program believes strongly in collaboration both within and beyond our borders and our community put our money where our mouths are to enable students to do so”      Robert Vesco


“The program offers a great balance between structure and freedom, providing you with fundamentals, but also allowing freedom to explore and pursue your own personal interests. If you are looking to explore your interests within a collaborative and supportive environment, our program could be a perfect fit for you.”      Elad Sherf


“Being part of the PhD program at Maryland is a unique experience. The program encourages student-student collaborations as much as student-faculty collaborations, provides numerous formal and informal opportunities to present and discuss your research and the wide diversity of faculty background helps a student to investigate a problem from various perspectives.”      Siddharth Sharma


“The faculty is committed to nurture our professional identities as independent scholars. And to develop our emergent ideas, we are encouraged to work with and learn from different faculty members throughout our tenure in the program. To me, this is an important aspect of my development as a management scholar.”      Elijah Wee


“You'll be a good fit here if you want to forge your own path while being fully committed to engagement with others. That means sometimes thinking just as hard about your colleagues' research as your own, with the assurance that they will do the same for you; it's how we move each other forward”      Bryan Stroube

Current Student Statistics

Current Student Statistics


M&O Student Profile
Current Students 10 12
Male 6 9
Female 4 3
International 6 7
Average Age 27 28
Age Range 24-33 25-34
Academic Profile
Median GMAT 700 740
Median GRE
Verbal 690 650
Quantitative 770 780
Fall 2012 Admissions
# Applicants 82 75
# Enrolled 1 3
Previous Degrees
Bachelor's 11 7
Master's 13 9
Countries Represented – OB/HR
China Israel
Singapore South Korea
United States  
Countries Represented – SM&E
South Korea China  
United States Iran  

Nominate Favorite Profs for Krowe Award

All faculty, program directors, deans, department chairs, alumni, and students of the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business are invited to nominate deserving Smith School faculty members (i.e., tenured, tenure-track, Tyser Teaching Fellow, lecturer, adjunct, or Ph.D. student) for one of several Krowe Teaching Awards in areas of general excellence. 

The deadline for submissions is Feb. 26 and winners will be announced in May 2014.


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