Pitch Dingman


The Perks of Pitch Dingman

#1 Meet with successful entrepreneurs

#2 Practice presenting your idea

#3 Receive actionable feedback

#4 Build your business

#5 Show progress to compete for start-up funding

How to Pitch Dingman

Have an idea for a business? Pitch Dingman sessions are held Fridays from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. in the Dingman Center (2518 Van Munching Hall) and open to all UMD students. Entrepreneurs in Residence are available to hear and offer feedback on new business ideas. If you have questions, email PitchDingman@rhsmith.umd.edu. After students Pitch Dingman, many who want to pursue the idea further will join our startup accerlator, Fearless Founders, that teaches students the Lean Launchpad methodology through three stages of growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate?

Pitch Dingman sessions are informal and open to all members of the University of Maryland community including faculty, staff, students and alumni. You do not have to be a Smith School of Business student to participate; you can be enrolled in any program on any campus at the University of Maryland.

2. Do I need to come with a business plan?

NO! All you need is an idea. However, if your business is far beyond the idea stage and you need help growing/scaling it, we can help you as well.

3. I am not a business school student, can I still come?

YES! Pitch Dingman is open to ALL University of Maryland students, including part-time students and students on other UMD campuses.

4. Can I sit in on a Pitch Dingman Session?

The  sessions are private and students are not allowed to sit in other sessions so that every entrepreneur can feel secure and free to talk. All students are welcome to attend Pitch Dingman Competitions to see students pitch their busines ideas live for seed funding. 

5. What can I expect from Pitch Dingman?

The Pitch Dingman program utilizes a give-and-take approach to building relationships with entrepreneurs. In other words, the more effort and progress we see the entrepreneur demonstrate, the more resources such as time, workspace, and capital we are willing to invest. The initial pitch and feedback session will be very concise, following the framework of a first contact venture capital pitch. As the entrepreneur demonstrates initiative in executing their business idea, they will have greater access to Dingman Management team and Entrepreneurs-In-Residence through one-on-one meetings and working sessions. This process ensures that Dingman resources are directed to the entrepreneurs who will achieve the greatest returns.

6. Do I have to wear a suit?

NO! We evaluate the quality of your idea and presentation, not your fashion sense. The informal sessions really are informal, you can wear your everyday clothes.

7. I still have more questions. Who do I ask? 

Email pitchdingman@rhsmith.umd.edu and we'll get back to you.