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How To: Land an Internship When You’re an International Student

Internship recruitment – those two words take the utmost priority for MBA students in the fall and spring semester of their first year. From rehearsing the Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY), to fine-tuning résumés and practicing behavioral interview questions, most students find it demanding to balance the internship recruitment process and the program’s rigorous course load.

For international students, there’s an added wrinkle, with the list of U.S. companies willing to offer sponsorships for specific roles being slightly more narrow and, therefore, a bit more competitive.

Getting Personal: How vulnerability leads to safety and trust within groups

We’ve all heard that there is a place and time for everything; one of those things being vulnerability. Like many others, I used to believe that being vulnerable was equivalent to showing weakness. However, after reading numerous articles, watching talks by author and podcaster Brené Brown, and learning about psychological safety in my Leadership and Teamwork class, I realize I had it all wrong. Presently, I sing the tune that vulnerability is strength. Truth is, it takes courage to reveal parts of ourselves that may go against our self-presentations.

Saying Yes to a 24-Hour Case Competition


Challenges excite me. They push me beyond my comfort zone so that I’m able to realize what I’m truly capable of. They allow me to grow and stretch with lessons learned along the way. Making way for growth means saying yes to opportunities, including the ones that seem daunting at first. My latest challenge was completing a case competition in 24 hours. With a big yes, I registered and never looked back.

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