William Longbrake

Greece: Skunk at the Party or Canary in Coal Mine?

Smith School executive-in-residence Bill Longbrake says the Greece crisis can be viewed in the short term as a skunk at the party – the party being new optimism in the European Union. But in the longer view, Longbrake says Greece is a canary in the coal mine. “Its condition and crisis is the direct result of deeply embedded flaws in the European Union," he writes in the monthly Longbrake Letter. Read more...

Longbrake Comments on U.S. Public Debt Imbalance, Government Shut-down

In an interview at University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Executive-in-Residence of the Center for Financial Policy Bill Longbrake provided insight into the government’s debt imbalance and possible outcomes of the ensuing congressional deadline of March 4th to reach an agreement to continue funding the federal government.


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