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We Are Smith: Lufandia Tong

A well-known figure on Smith’s finance and accounting team, Lufandia Tong uses her know-how to handle accounts payable with style and flair. For more than 10 years, her positive attitude and smiling face have turned even the most tedious financial tasks into a pleasant experience.

We Are Smith: Rajshree Agarwal

Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland, knows that being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting a new company. The founding director of the Ed Snider Center, she looks at enterprise in a holistic way, inspiring the next generation to be creative and critical thinkers.

We Are Smith: Sarah Kroncke

Sarah brings Wall Street to College Park. Sarah Kroncke, MBA '00 uses her investment banking experience to manage both the Mayer and Senbet Funds. They have beaten the S&P 500 nearly every year since inception, and 75 percent of the undergraduates who are fortunate to learn from her are placed on Wall Street.

We Are Smith: Paulo Prochno

Paulo Prochno has taken hundreds of MBAs to South America through his Doing Business in Brazil course. With his infectious energy and experience in consulting for well-known Brazilian companies, he is a student favorite and a model for enhancing the academic experience with global opportunities.

We Are Smith: Ritu Agarwal

Ritu's research influences the shift to electronic medial records. As many as 98,000 people die each year as a result of medical errors - Ritu Agarwal founded CHIDS to change this statistic. Standing at the forefront of healthcare technology, she leads the charge in converting medical records to an electronic format to reduce error and save lives.

We Are Smith: Kristin Lariviere

Kristin is one of the the biggest cheerleaders for Smith undergrads. From orientation to graduation, Kristin LaRiviere is always there for Smith undergraduates. Focusing on the freshman experience, she pushes students outside of their comfort zones, encouraging them to fully engage with their peers. recruiters and the Smith community.

We Are Smith: Roland Rust

Roland is well-read – as in, everyone has read Roland’s research. Roland Rust’s publications could fill an entire bookcase in McKeldin Library. His hundreds of peer- reviewed articles, the research citing his work, and his books, including Driving Customer Equity: How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy, have changed the world of marketing.


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