Virginia Pierrie

Living through what will almost certainly become a case study


If I had been told at the beginning of 2020 that the word “unprecedented” would become the most overused word in the English language, I would have rolled my eyes and kept moving. Now, halfway through the year, the hard pause caused by COVID-19 has made “unprecedented” feel like an understatement. We are living through a global event that will change the way people conduct business forever. The pandemic will create case studies taught by the MBA programs for years to come.


Navigating rejection during the MBA internship search

“Thank you for your interest. We will not be moving forward with your application at this time.”

Those words have become the email equivalent of “we need to talk” in today’s recruitment communication process. The adrenaline rush that accompanies seeing a firm’s email push notification on your phone screen is topped only by the sinking sensation that follows reading the email body.

What We're Doing Over Winter Break

Now that final exams, group projects, and papers are done for the semester, we’re looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. So in the spirit of that relaxation, we thought we’d talk about what all the MBA bloggers are looking forward to doing this break. Maybe there are some things on here you’re looking forward to doing too, or maybe you’ll add something new to your list.

Miranda Taylor:

Thanks and Giving

My first MBA term flew by more quickly than I ever could have anticipated. The number of late nights and long hours spent studying for courses that challenged me over the past few months outnumbered any term I spent in my undergraduate program. I know, without any hesitation, I could not have succeeded without the support from a tight-knit cohort – a cohort filled with people I genuinely enjoy.

Gaining a global perspective

I grew up in the suburbs in North Carolina and got my bachelor's degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. But it wasn't until I left Raleigh, N.C., to pursue a job in New York City that I realized how impactful diversity can be when it comes to shaping my own perspectives. Hearing about cultures, religions and values that differed wildly from my own shaped my understanding of the world, of people and of business.

Relearning how to be a student as an MBA Candidate

I wrote previously about the journey to realizing the MBA was the right degree for me. Even with the thought and intentionality behind my decision, I've spent the first several weeks of my first semester relearning what exactly goes into learning. Beyond the obvious things like exams and team assignments (yes, group work follows you beyond undergrad), learning the little things that accompany being a student again has been its own, distinct bit of coursework.

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