Victor Mullins

Undergrads Enjoy Stacks on Smith

It’s the most dreaded, vilified, and painful week of the semester. No, not Shark Week. Finals Week. Students at the University of Maryland know too well when it’s Finals Week; sleep becomes a forgone luxury, and eating either a temporary solution to avoid work or the only break you get from studying. Of course, fun, becomes but a forgotten fairytale, obliterated by the reality of final exams. But for one night, this is not the case.

Smith Terps are Excelling with the Smith Business Academy

As an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, you’d be hard-pressed to find an organization in Smith that doesn’t match up to at least one of your professional goals or passions. There seems to be endless options, and infinite routes one can take to get involved. But one organization in particular occupies a very interesting niche; a niche that is very broad, but in another sense, selective and exclusive.

Learn about Smith’s Diversity Empowerment Council

You open a college brochure and what do you see? That’s right, a student of color, a Hispanic student, an Asian student, and a white student holding books, relaxing on a grassy patch, or laughing together in front of a prominent campus building. Why is this such an effective first impression for applicants and parents? Why is the ideal of diversity so cherished at universities worldwide? Perhaps because the student mix is so important for a well-rounded college experience. Or perhaps it’s a reliable way of ensuring a globalized community that will enrich each student’s perspective. Or maybe, even, it is conducive to an open and unbiased learning environment. All of these are acceptable, but one thing we know for sure is that diversity is integral – integral for the students, for the administration, and for the school brand.

Freshmen Learn Critical Thinking

Incoming freshmen at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business got a taste of what’s looming in job and internship interviews during the second annual Critical Thinking Night, part of Smith’s ‘Welcome Week’ programming. More than 400 students packed the Riggs Alumni Center for the Aug. 31, 2015 session.

Freshmen Focus on Personal Brand at Smith Leadership Institute

The Smith School's nearly 500 incoming freshman started their college experience with a good breakfast, loud music, and a chorus of cheering on Saturday, August 29 at the Xfinity Center. The Smith Leadership Institute, sponsored by Ernst & Young, gives students the opportunity to get to know each other and become oriented to the culture and community at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.


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