Tunay Tunca

Tunay Tunca is a Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. He received his MS in Financial Mathematics and PhD in Business Administration from Stanford University, MS in Management Science from the University of Rochester, and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics with honors from Bogazici University.

The Win-Win of Buyer Intermediated Finance

For a company that make goods, landing a top retailer as a client is often the goal. But for these small suppliers, the win comes with the big challenge of figuring out how to finance their operations to actually deliver the goods, defect-free, to get paid. When they can’t line up traditional bank loans — because of lack of credit history or because they aren’t as available in developing economies — small suppliers often resort to payday-like loans with very high interest rates, increasing overall costs in the supply chain and reducing efficiency.

Research Briefs

Five Steps to Foster Workplace Initiative

Companies can spur proactive workplace behavior when they  take five steps to build an initiative-friendly climate, new research from the Smith School shows.

Employees tend to respond and take initiative when their managers lead by example, provide coaching, allow participative decision making, keep team members informed and show concern.


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