Subra Tangirala

Subra Tangirala is Dean's Professor of Management. He teaches the leadership course in the MBA program. In his research, he explores reasons why employees often remain silent despite having information, concerns, or suggestions to share, and what organizations can do to facilitate candid exchange of ideas at the workplace.

Here’s What Happens When New Employees Speak Up.

When employees first join an organization, they bring a fresh perspective and can offer new ideas and viewpoints. But whether they feel like they can speak up – and continue to do so – often depends on the manager they are paired with, finds new research from Maryland Smith. If they don’t feel encouraged by their manager right away, many will stop trying. And that can have big implications for the organization and the manager.

Leading in a Time of Crisis

It’s challenging to steer an organization through a crisis. And when several crises converge at once the challenge is even greater.

2020 has been a year, marked by unprecedented turmoil. Business leaders have grappled with a deadly pandemic, a sharp economic contraction, a dismantling of business norms, and a social reckoning stirred by the police killing of George Floyd.


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