Smith Business Magazine: Spring 2016

How I Got Here: Online MBA, Fannie Mae And A Baby On The Way

Project manager Chau Hegg, OMBA ’15, knew her Smith School program would be challenging. But she got an extra surprise during the first week of classes. “Right after the opening residency, I came home and discovered I was pregnant,” says Hegg, who also has undergraduate and graduate degrees in industrial engineering. “Suddenly it made sense why I was so hungry when they fed us steak.” She already had three children at home, plus a new job at Fannie Mae in Reston, Va. But the working mother didn’t panic. Instead, she sat down with her husband and figured out a path forward. By the time she graduated in September 2015, she had a 1-year-old daughter and a new position lined up at Fannie Mae managing software testing for a high-profile initiative. “I had kids, but I still kept going,” Hegg says. She shares four keys that have guided her career to this point.

Humanizing Criminal Justice

Former New York prosecutor Michael-Sean Spence ’04 could have hammered the owner of an auto repair and body shop in April 2014. The paper trail pointed to under reporting of close to $1 million in income from various insurance companies, and the Queens District Attorney's Office had a case for full restitution and incarceration.

Alumni Spotlight: Double Time for U.S. Army Major

When Maj. Vickee Wolcott, PhD ’15, arrived at the Smith School to work toward a doctoral degree, she had to hit the ground running. The Army was paying for the degree, and it allows soldiers only three years to complete what takes other students four or five years, or longer, to accomplish. “Basically, every class assignment, every paper I wrote worked its way into my dissertation,” she says.

Students Help Shape Classroom Instruction

New technologies and employer expectations are pressuring traditional colleges to innovate instruction. Despite predictions of higher education disruption, “smart and agile institutions will respond and even thrive alongside new competitors in this changing environment,” says Sandra Loughlin, Smith School’s director of learning and innovative instruction. “The key is to provide appropriate faculty and program support.”


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