Smith Business Magazine: Fall 2015

10 Rules for a Kinder Workplace

Nearly 30 years ago, Andy Burness, MBA ’81, created a self-manned public relations firm, launching campaigns to bring awareness little-known, world-changing ideas. The firm, Burness, has helped its clients protect the Amazon rainforest, fight hunger and childhood obesity, promote agricultural research for African families, and showcase innovation in community colleges.

By Foot, Bike or Donkey

Economists point to rural Africa, India, China and Eastern Europe as the next big frontiers for multinational corporations. But to be successful in rural developing markets, companies need to customize their approach to the local market in all aspects of their business strategies.

Why You Should Dine Out Alone

Why are so many people reluctant to go to the movies or dinner alone? The existence of this inhibition is widely known, but its underpinnings have been subjected to surprisingly little scientific scrutiny — until now. Research by Rebecca Ratner, a marketing professor and assistant dean for academic affairs at the Smith School, sheds new light on the psychology of solo consumerism.

How to Stay VARI Alert

People like to have choices. But research shows that human brains have limits. The more decisions people make over the course of a day, the more tired their brains become. Smith lecturer Nicole M. Coomber, associate director for the QUEST Honors Program, has developed a four-part framework called VARI to help people guard against decision fatigue.


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