Smith Business Magazine: Fall 2015

Simon Says: Meet the Smith School Economist Who Took on the Doomsayers and Won

Time had run out in 1980. An earth capable of sustaining only a limited number of hungry consumers had been pushed too far, and “The Population Bomb” described by conservation biologist Paul Ehrlich would soon explode. Most in academia accepted the dire warnings about overpopulation and resource depletion. But the late Smith School economist Julian Simon listened to the arguments and recognized a flaw.

Bullying Survivor Follows Inner Voice

Follow your inner voice. Elissa Kravetz ’99 has thrived by this yogic proverb. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Kravetz worked alongside shoe mogul Steve Madden before establishing a niche in Los Angeles as a fashion and lifestyle publicist. But three years ago, she launched the anti-bullying nonprofit organization, The Farley Project. The shift was deeply personal.


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