Siva Viswanathan


Professor Siva Viswanathan's research focuses on emerging issues related to online firms and markets, and on analyzing the competitive and strategic implications of new information and communication technologies. His current research examines the growth of online information intermediaries, and their potential to disrupt traditional business models and transform the competitive landscape in sectors such as auto-retailing, financial services, and advertising, among others. Viswanathan's research has appeared in top academic journals including Management Science, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing, and Decision Support Systems. He is also an active participant in international conferences and industry forums. He is the co-director of the school's Center for Digital Innovation, Technology, and Strategy (DIGITS).

What Your Facebook Friends Say About Your Credit Worthiness

Joining a social network means trading privacy for information. Criminal investigators and advertisers are increasingly inventive in the ways they use Facebook to mine data. Add creditors to this mix. Facebook, last month, received approval for a patent for a mobile payment system that could be used to evaluate a loan applicant’s credit worthiness based on that person’s Facebook friends. Smith School professor Siva Viswanathan discusses the implications. Read more...

007: Licensed to Cut Hair

The Obama administration is taking aim at a job killer that doesn't get a lot of attention: Excessive occupational licensing. Not the sexiest topic, granted, but livelihoods are made or dashed by it — and it's an area where the president is finding common ground with conservatives. Smith School professor Siva Viswanathan challenges the notion that licensing is even the best way to protect consumers from incompetent service providers. Read more...

Bankers' Catch-22: Lending to People Lacking Credit Histories

Borrowers live or die by their FICO scores — numbers that offer a snapshot of how reliable they've been in paying back their debts. But some 53 million Americans don't have such scores because their credit history is thin or nonexistent. Now the Fair Isaac Corporation (aka FICO), is testing a new measure that would open up credit to many of these people. Smith professors Cliff Rossi and Siva Viswanathan offer insights. Read more...

Siva Viswanathan

Ph.D., Information Systems, New York University
M.Phil., Information Systems, New York University
M.B.A., Finance and General Management, Indian Institute of Management (India) 
B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Annamalai University (India)

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