Sean Barnes

The Latest Reason Why Hospitals Should Limit Antibiotic Use

It's a medical paradox: Being admitted to the hospital means a 1-in-20 chance of contracting an infection, maybe even a potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). That's why hospitals adopt infection control programs and antibiotic stewardship programs, to limit the spread of infections and to mandate smarter use of antibiotics. Now there's one more reason to have those programs: Researchers, including the Smith School's Sean Barnes, have quantified the rate at which scaling down antibiotic use reduces the transmission of dangerous multidrug-resistant organisms. Read more...

Three Reasons Baseball Defies Prediction Models

Baseball prognosticators love statistics, but performance over the course of 162 games does not necessarily predict postseason success. Since the wildcard era began in 1994, the best regular season team has won the World Series just 19 percent of the time. Smith School professor Sean Barnes, who builds prediction models in his research, shares three reasons why six months’ worth of baseball data means so little in October. Read more...

Computers Match Doctors in Predicting Patient Discharges

A computer can do as good a job of predicting how many patients will be discharged from a hospital unit on a given day as doctors and nurses can, according to new research from Smith School professor Sean Barnes. In some cases, the computer does even better. Accurate estimates of patient discharges are an important component of keeping costs down because they allow hospitals to make the most efficient use of resources — namely, hospital beds. Read more...


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