S. Raghu Raghavan


Dr. Raghavan is passionate about using quantitative methods (in particular optimization models) for better decision making. His research interests and activities cover a broad domain including--- auction design, data mining, economics, information systems, computational marketing, networks, optimization, and telecommunications. He has published on a wide variety of topics (including telecommunications, electronic markets, and data mining) and numerous academic outlets such as Management Science, Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, and the INFORMS Journal on Computing. He holds two patents, and has won numerous awards for his work.

Multi-period routing in satellite networks

Satellite services generate close to $96 billion each year for the telecommunications industry, driven by satellite communications providers that operate large fleets of satellites providing a multitude of services to government agencies and large customers like cable television companies and television networks located all around the globe. Satellites are able to reach even the most remote locations, allowing communication without the need for significant infrastructure investment on the ground. They relay information from location to location for their customers via satellites in geosynchronous orbit at different longitudes. However, the satellites themselves cost hundreds of millions of dollars and have a relatively short lifespan, so companies are under constant pressure to generate as much revenue as possible by using them to the utmost capacity.

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