Research@Smith: Winter 2008

Could Your Job be Offshored

Research by Sunil Mithas

Is your job a candidate for global offshoring? It’s a concern for millions of Americans these days, as more and more companies move their IT and professional service jobs out of the U.S. to take advantage of global talent, reduce costs and cycle time, and spur innovation.

Featured Researchers

Chris Dellarocas, associate professor of information systems, received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research studies how online reputation mechanisms, online product review sites and other Web 2.0 technologies are affecting firm strategies, consumer behavior and competition among infomediaries.

Center for Excellence in Service

The American economy was built on manufacturing. Today the noise of the factories has died down to be replaced by the steady hum of computers. As our industrial economy has evolved into a knowledge-based economy, most of the new jobs created have been service jobs, not manufacturing jobs. But this doesn’t mean service workers in the traditional sense of burger-flippers and grocery checkers.

Estimating trading risks through online feedback

Research by Chrysanthos Dellarocas

Online feedback mechanisms have become an important tool for electronic businesses and for consumers who use them to evaluate potential trading partners and gauge the relative risk of dealing with people whom they may never meet in person. So the reliability of online feedback is crucial. But getting a true picture from online feedback is not always as easy.


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