Research@Smith: Winter 2006

Smith Undergraduate Research Fellows

Twenty-two students participated in last semester’s launch of Smith Research Fellows, a new program for undergraduates which allows them to partner with faculty members pursuing research projects. Students learn through the research process, participate in data collection and compilation, modeling, presentation and other tasks under faculty supervision while earning a stipend for their efforts.

The Fellows worked on a variety of projects, including:

D&IT Department

Information systems and networks represent the critical infrastructure on which corporations and the economy depend not only for the execution of operations, but also for the formulation of strategy andcompetitive differentiation. The Smith School’s department of decision information technologies (D&IT) helps organizations meet these challenges through its leading-edge research and educational programs.

Self-View, Goals and Choices

In their paper "Achieving Your Goals or Protecting Their Future? The Effects of Self-View on Goals and Choices," Rebecca Hamilton, assistant professor of marketing, and Gabriel J. Biehal, associate professor of marketing, examined how consumers’ self-views and goals affected their choices of investments through two experiments conducted online and in the Smith School’s Netcentric Behavioral Research Lab. These studies were made possible by a summer research grant from the Smith School.

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