Research@Smith: Spring 2014

Featured Researchers

Christine Beckman, associate professor of management and organization, earned her PhD from Stanford University. She focuses her research on organizational learning and change, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship (for-profit and education), social and interorganizational networks, organizational growth and survival, and technology and communication. 

Research Briefs

Large Bets and Stock Market Crashes

Contrary to conventional thinking, stock market crashes are neither random nor unpredictable, according to research from Albert “Pete” Kyle, the Smith School's Charles E. Smith Chair Professor of Finance, and Smith Assistant Professor of Finance Anna Obizhaeva.

Dean's Column

Something significant will happen for the Smith School of Business at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting Aug. 1-5, 2014, in Philadelphia. Debra Shapiro, the school’s Clarice Smith Professor of Management, will start a one-year term as president-elect of the professional association.

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