Research@Smith: Spring 2012

Dean's Column

Just a few months ago, Eastman Kodak—the company whose brand was synonymous with taking pictures for more than a hundred years—declared bankruptcy. The photography pioneer invented digital cameras but failed to leverage its own innovation.

Featured Researchers

Rosie Ferrarro, assistant professor of marketing, received her PhD from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Her research interests focus on consumer behavior, specifically the effects of nonconscious social influence on choice and preference and the effects of external threats on consumption behavior.

Smith Expert Commentary

Gerard Hoberg, associate professor of finance, on the Facebook IPO
Joseph Bailey, professor of information management, on Maryland's Proposed Digital Goods Sales Tax
Ethan Cohen-Cole, finance professor, on the recent $26 billion Foreclosure Abuse Settlement
Curt Grimm, finance professor, on Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Jobs

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