Research@Smith: Spring 2009

Smith Faculty on the Finance Crisis

Smith School faculty have been actively involved in advising key players and proposing potential solutions to the finance crisis. Albert “Pete” Kyle, Smith Chair Professor of Finance, worked as an expert for the SEC in conjunction with the OIG report on the collapse of Bear Stearns, briefing congressional staffers for Henry Waxman’s Committee on Government Oversight.

Smith Professor Named University’s Outstanding Faculty Educator

University of Maryland students and their parents selected Mark Wellman, Tyser Teaching Fellow, for the University of Maryland’s 2008 Outstanding Faculty Educator Award. The award is presented each year by the Maryland Parents Association to honor a faculty member who demonstrates a deep commitment to providing an exemplary education experience for students.

Causes and consequences of initial network positions

Entrepreneurs begin their ventures lacking a lot of things—employees, funding, customers, technology, among others. A large part of success is the ability to get these things, and that depends in large part on the entrepreneur’s ability to network with people and organizations that can provide them with everything from further connections to equipment to good advice. Network ties—alliances, board interlocks, equity investments between organizations, and the like—can play an important role in the success of a new venture, influencing the venture’s ability to acquire capital and industry information, share resources and capabilities, or benefit from their peers’ relationships with buyers and suppliers.

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