Research@Smith: Spring 2005

Conferences and Symposia

Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce
May 22-23, 2005
This interdisciplinary symposium will feature workshops which identify problems and research questions related to empirical research in electronic commerce by bringing together researchers from information systems, statistics and related fields to help better understand how these various lines of work connect to one another and how, together, they can contribute to the modernization and enhancement of empirical research methods for electronic commerce and our digital society at large.

Airport Slot Auctions

In the absence of slot controls, current policies at congested airports implicitly encourage airlines to overschedule and then cancel or delay flights. If airline A acts responsibly and does not increase its schedule at a congested airport, it will have gives a competitor the opportunity to schedule more flights at that airport; if that competitor decides to increase its schedule, airline A may lose market share. To combat these problems administrative slot controls have been put in place at certain airports. These administrative rules have distorted airline behavior by encouraging slot hoarding and inefficient use of slots. Market-based approaches to slot allocation have the potential to addresses these problems in a much more effective manner.

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