Research@Smith: Fall 2011

Dean's Column

I used to think Twitter was a fad that was going to pass, despite the constant feedback about its utility that I was receiving from Smith students. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want another piece of “keep in touch” technology.

Profile: Hart Rossman

Some people’s career paths advance in a straight line. Hart Rossman, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cybersecurity Services and Solutions for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has a career that seems to be growing in ever-widening circles.

Social Media Research at Smith

When a video of unhygienic behavior by a Domino’s Pizza employee went viral on YouTube and came to the attention of bloggers nationwide, company management turned to Twitter to address the issue and ease its customers’ food safety concerns. The episode was a graphic (revoltingly graphic!) depiction of the way online communities and the content they create have the power to boost a company’s sales and reputation, or sink it for good.

Profit-Driven Patient Discharge Practices

Surgeons have a great deal of freedom in when they schedule surgeries, and they are also in charge of releasing their patients. As post-operative recovery beds fill up and there is less space available, do surgeons release patients earlier than they otherwise would, in order to empty those beds? They do, according to a study by Bruce Golden, France-Merrick Chair in Management Science, and his PhD student David Anderson.


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