Research@Smith: Fall 2010

Dean's Column

Smith School faculty pursue world-class, gamechanging research. But we are also aware that there is a wealth of knowledge and insight close at hand—in the heads of business practitioners, who have front-line experience with the kinds of urgent, complex issues we most want to address.

Executive Profile: Rocky Cintron

Rocky Cintron is president and CEO of Force 3, which delivers, supports and maintains IT products and implementation services—such as unified communications, security and data center—for federal agencies and their partners. It is recognized as one of the fastest growing federal IT solutions providers in the mid-Atlantic region and is one of Cisco's top five federal Cisco Gold Partners in America.

Multi-period routing in satellite networks

Satellite services generate close to $96 billion each year for the telecommunications industry, driven by satellite communications providers that operate large fleets of satellites providing a multitude of services to government agencies and large customers like cable television companies and television networks located all around the globe. Satellites are able to reach even the most remote locations, allowing communication without the need for significant infrastructure investment on the ground. They relay information from location to location for their customers via satellites in geosynchronous orbit at different longitudes. However, the satellites themselves cost hundreds of millions of dollars and have a relatively short lifespan, so companies are under constant pressure to generate as much revenue as possible by using them to the utmost capacity.

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