Rajshree Agarwal

Rajshree Agarwal
<p>Rajshree Agarwal is the Rudolph Lamone Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy and director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland. She&nbsp;studies the evolution of industries, firms and individual careers, as fostered by the twin engines of innovation and enterprise. Agarwal's&nbsp;scholarship uses an interdisciplinary lens to provide insights on strategic innovation for new venture creation and for firm renewal. She routinely publishes in leading journals in strategy and entrepreneurship. An author of more than 60 studies, her research has been cited more than 10,000 times, received numerous best paper awards, and funded by grants from various foundations, including the Kauffman Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Science Foundation. She is currently the co-editor of the Strategic Management Journal and has previously served in co-editor and senior editor roles at Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Organization Science respectively.</p>

Google Yourself: Five Lessons from a Logo Makeover

Google changes its logo every day with clever home page animations, but the latest iteration is more permanent. Weeks after announcing Alphabet, a new parent company, the search engine giant unveiled a new logo on Sept. 1, 2015. The timing makes sense, says Smith School professor Rajshree Agarwal. Although most aspiring leaders don't have their own logos, they do have personal brands that require attention. “Think like the CEO of any major corporation," says Agarwal, who shares five tips for getting started. Read more...

Podcast: Enterprise Through Literature in High School

By the time Smith School professor Rajshree Agarwal meets University of Maryland undergraduate students, most already have formed opinions on the value of enterprise and markets. “Much of their conceptions and misconceptions are created at the middle and high school levels,” says Agarwal, director of the school's Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets. In this podcast she discusses Enterprise Through Literature, a program that introduces secondary students to the philosophical underpinnings of capitalism. Listen to the podcast (9:59)...

Economic Inequality Debate Explores Role of Individuals in Society

In a debate hosted by the Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of The Ayn Rand Institute, and Paul Vaaler, the Mooty Chair in Law and Economics at the University of Minnesota, represented diverse views on the intersection of individual rights and societal responsibilities.


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