Rajshree Agarwal

Rajshree Agarwal

Rajshree Agarwal is the Rudolph P. Lamone Chair and Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland and director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets. Rajshree’s research interests focus on the implications of entrepreneurship and innovation for industry and firm evolution. Her recent projects examine the micro-foundations of macro phenomena, linking knowledge diffusion among firms, industries, and regions to the underlying mechanisms of employee entrepreneurship and mobility.

Ed Snider Celebrates Enterprise at BB&T Event

Philadelphia Flyers founder and Comcast-Spectacor chairman Ed Snider ’55 performed double duty on Sept. 29, 2015, at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. First he helped celebrate the opening of new offices for the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets. Then he shared the foundational values for his business at the BB&T Colloquium on Capitalism, Ethics, and Leadership.

Debating Workplace Culture, at Amazon and Elsewhere

Can you have a high-powered job and also a rewarding life outside work? Do ambitious companies have any incentive to make this happen? And are market forces sufficient to make sure that workers with families or sick relatives are treated fairly by managers? These were among the questions raised during a recent lunchtime debate featuring Smith School professors Rajshree Agarwal, Christine Beckman and Waverly Ding. Read more...

When Google, Apple and Tesla Play Nice

Silicon Valley companies work hard to protect their intellectual property. The territorialism makes sense in a knowledge-based economy, but recent moves by Google, Apple and Tesla reflect a different understanding about enterprise and markets. These companies recognize that capitalism can’t work without trade, which requires a degree of cooperation. Smith School professor Rajshree Agarwal shares five strategy lessons from these Silicon Valley giants. Read more...

Google Yourself: Five Lessons from a Logo Makeover

Google changes its logo every day with clever home page animations, but the latest iteration is more permanent. Weeks after announcing Alphabet, a new parent company, the search engine giant unveiled a new logo on Sept. 1, 2015. The timing makes sense, says Smith School professor Rajshree Agarwal. Although most aspiring leaders don't have their own logos, they do have personal brands that require attention. “Think like the CEO of any major corporation," says Agarwal, who shares five tips for getting started. Read more...

Podcast: Enterprise Through Literature in High School

By the time Smith School professor Rajshree Agarwal meets University of Maryland undergraduate students, most already have formed opinions on the value of enterprise and markets. “Much of their conceptions and misconceptions are created at the middle and high school levels,” says Agarwal, director of the school's Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets. In this podcast she discusses Enterprise Through Literature, a program that introduces secondary students to the philosophical underpinnings of capitalism. Listen to the podcast (9:59)...


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