P.K. Kannan


P. K. Kannan is the Dean's Chair in Marketing Science at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. His main research focus is on marketing modeling, applying statistical and econometric methods to marketing data. His current research stream focuses on attribution modeling, media mix modeling, new product/service development and customer relationship management (CRM).

Kannan's Paper Selected for Journal of Marketing Award

P.K. Kannan's paper, “The Informational Value of Social Tagging Networks,” has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award. This award honors the best article published in the Journal of Marketing that has made long-term contributions to the field of marketing. An article will be eligible for consideration to receive this award in the fifth year after its publication.

Maryland Smith Claims Second Spot On Premier AMA Journals List

The 2018 Marketing Research Productivity Lists, which track top individual and institutional contributors to the premier journals, show that the University of Maryland jumped to the second spot on the premier AMA journals list. Maryland also entered the top five institutions on the premier journals list. It is the first public university to be in the top five since 2015 and the first U.S.-based public university since 2013. 

Getting You To Pay in a Freemium World

You’ve seen the promotional offers. “Try before you buy.” Your first week, your first month or first audiobook is free.

The companies who offer these trial freebies, embracing the so-called freemium business model, do so with the hope that they will convert you into a full-fledged paying customer. And in the digital economy, there are a lot of companies embracing free – Spotify, Dropbox, Hulu and The New York Times are examples.


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