Mary B. Harms

Mary B. Harms
<p>Mary B. Harms joined University of Maryland in 2001. She is an Associate Clinical Professor in the department of marketing, the program champion for the Strategic Design and Innovation in Marketing Undergraduate Fellows, founder of the Young Alumni Marketing Council, Academic Coordinator for marketing internships and the faculty advisor of MasTERPiece, the Smith School's fashion organization for undergraduates.</p>

Dunkin' Without Donuts?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Maryland Smith branding experts describe the decision by Dunkin’ Donuts to drop the "Donuts" from its name as overdue, fitting, and in tune with its customers' tastes. Starting in January, the “Donuts” will disappear from ads, social media accounts and signage at new and remodeled stores, according to the quick-serve coffee chain. Marketing professors at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business say the formal rebranding to just Dunkin' has been a long time coming.

Good move? Budweiser is now ‘America’

Social media is buzzing about Budweiser. Just in time for the Summer Olympics and Trump v. Clinton, Anheuser-Busch will temporarily change the name of its flagship brand to “America.” Ironically, the Belgian-owned beer maker will roll out its new cans on Canada's Victoria Day, asserting Budweiser’s place next to baseball and apple pie until after the presidential election in November. Five Smith School marketing professors weigh in on whether the move is smart or foolish. Read more...

Marketing Lessons from the Late Van Munching Jr.

Though it was Leo Van Munching Sr. who introduced Heineken to the United States, it was his son who brought the company’s marketing strategy into the modern age. “While his father felt that Heineken was a serious brand for serious beer drinkers, Van Munching Jr. encouraged a more fun, humorous take on the brand that attempted to appeal to a younger generation, while never losing Heineken's focus on quality,” says Smith School professor William Rand, reflecting on the recent death of the Smith School benefactor. Read more...


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