Margret Bjarnadottir

Margrét Bjarnadóttir

Dr. Margrét Vilborg Bjarnadóttir, is an Assistant Professor of Management Science and Statistics in the DO&IT group. Dr. Margrét Bjarnadóttir graduated from MIT's Operations Research Center in 2008, defending her thesis titled "Data Driven Approach to Health Care, Application Using Claims Data". Dr. Bjarnadóttir specializes in operations research methods using large scale data. Her work spans applications ranging from analyzing nation-wide cross-ownership patterns and systemic risk in finance to drug surveillance and practice patterns in health care. She has consulted with both health care start-ups on risk modeling using health care data as well as governmental agencies such as a central bank on data-driven fraud detection algorithms.

Fearless Idea 6: Close the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap drew 100 businesses to sign on to the White House Equal Pay Pledge in 2016. It also prompted Smith School professor Margrét Bjarnadóttir and her team to develop a gap-solving algorithm based on targeting women whose pay most influences the gap. These women tend to be more like their male colleagues in terms of credentials and career paths. The first step is to control for legitimate reasons employees receive different wages. Read more...

Counterintuitive Ways to Close the Gender Pay Gap

On Women’s Equality Day last week at the White House, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, General Motors and other big U.S. companies signed an “Equal Pay Pledge” to close the gender pay gap for their employees. But methods of measuring success include many unintended consequences. The most efficient approach, based on the current standard of "equal pay for equal work," is sometimes counterintuitive, new Smith School research shows. Read more...

Hunting Iceland's Banking Monster in Panama

A team of Icelandic researchers found a monster feeding on the country's banking system after the 2008 financial crisis, but tracking the creature to its multiple lairs became tricky when it slithered offshore. Smith School professor Margrét V. Bjarnadóttir, one of the sleuths on the case, says new clues have emerged in the Panama Papers, a massive leak that shows how the world’s rich and powerful use shell companies and tax shelters to stash their money. Read more...


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