M. Susan Taylor

Art of The Apology: Deconstructing Wells Fargo

It was the latest revelation in the Wells Fargo scandal: The surprise departure of CEO John Stumpf. Well, maybe not too much of a surprise. Stumpf had been in a downward spiral since revelations that bank employees, driven by bank incentives, had opened as many as 2 million accounts without their customers' knowledge. The scandal could have been handled better from the start, Smith School professor Susan Taylor says. She views the Wells Fargo story through the prism of a four-stage framework she laid out in "After the Fall," a 2008 paper that she co-authored. Read more...

Smith School Study Shows Timing Key Factor in Technology Adoption

New research from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business suggests there might be a right and a wrong time to introduce a new technology to guarantee the best reception. A study of a program that provided Nextel BlackBerry 7510 wireless handheld devices to all of the schools full-time MBA students found notable differences between first- and second-year MBA students use and acceptance of their handheld devices, with the first-year students expressing significantly higher levels of acceptance and commitment. The findings point to critical windows of opportunity that appear in technology adoption.

Smith Community Discusses Powerful Strategies for Women

Reaching across the academic community, Smith′s Graduate Women in Business club (GWIB) gathered more than 50 Smith alumni, current and prospective students, faculty, and administrators to discuss ways women can achieve influence in the workplace. In honor of Women′s History Month, the event was held on March 6 and included a networking session followed by a panel discussion about strategies on how women earn respect and gain power in the workplace.

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